What To Do When Suffering A Burn On The Palate?

The palate is the upper part of the oral cavity. Its function is to separate the mouth from the nose, which allows the feeding process. It is divided into two parts: the upper or hard (made of bone) and the posterior or soft (made of tissue). Now, what to do when we suffer a burn on the palate?

Since it has many nerve endings, it can easily cause discomfort or pain when injured. But do not worry because below we will tell you how you can alleviate the discomfort in case you burn yourself drinking or eating something too hot.

What to do in case of a burn on the palate?

Burn injuries to the palate can be caused by different causes. Let’s see them to find out what may be the most appropriate in each case.

1. Thermal burn

Thermal burn can be due to any heat source capable of raising the temperature to a level that causes injury. Generally, these sources are liquids or hot foods.

However, contact with hot objects can also occur, as well as substances that produce a chemical reaction. On the other hand, thermal burns can be caused by inhaling hot gases in closed rooms.

2. Radiation burn

Radiation burn

Radiation burn occurs very infrequently from prolonged exposure to ultraviolet solar radiation (which is why it can also be classified as a “sunburn”). It can also be caused by intense or prolonged exposure to other sources, such as tanning lamps.

3. Chemical burns

Some mouthwashes contain chlorhexidine, which can damage the palate of people sensitive to this substance. The same occurs with medications such as aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid, and other substances such as:

  • Tobacco
  • Cocaine
  • Pyrophosphate
  • Detergents
  • Bleaching or caustic agents

These lesions are also known by the name of canker sores : raised vesicular lesions with liquid content that generally do not leave a scar. They can present as ulcerations or erosions. It is essential to know how to treat them at the moment and, if necessary, consult with our doctor.

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How to treat a burn on the palate?

Here are some tips for when there may be a burn on the roof of the mouth. Keep in mind that its effectiveness can vary from person to person and that you should also take good care of your mouth in the next few days to alleviate the discomfort.

1. Cold water or ice, the first to relieve a burn on the palate

Glass with cold water

If the burn on the roof of the mouth has just occurred, the first thing to do is put something cold in your mouth.

One of the quickest options is an ice cube and, with the help of your tongue, hold it where the burn is located for a few seconds. This will help block inflammation and will also work as an anesthetic in severe pain. Of course, you have to remove the ice after a few seconds so that it does not aggravate the burn. Remember that not only what is excessively hot burns, but also what is cold.

If we don’t have ice, you can have some ice cream or gargle with cold water. Other cold foods will also help you reduce discomfort, such as pudding, frozen cakes, gelatin, among others.

2. Milk

Instead of water, you can use cold milk. It is not relevant if it is soy or cow. The important thing is that it is cold or as cool as possible so that it provides relief. If you don’t have milk on hand, you can also use natural yogurt, which will provide a fairly similar calming effect.

Note: there are those who combine fresh milk with a touch of honey to create a kind of protective layer on your palate and thus feel more relieved. This is because honey is attributed various medicinal properties, including medicinal ones. Other people take advantage of the hint of turmeric in their milk and honey drink to prepare the famous Ayurvedic medicinal drink.

Woman drinking milk from a cup.

3. Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is a natural remedy widely used in the treatment of burns due to the multiple medicinal properties attributed to it in the popular sphere. It is said to not only contribute to relief, but also to have some pain relieving and healing effect.

You can use a little natural aloe vera gel to gargle if you have suffered a burn on the palate or apply a little gel after brushing.

4. Chamomile mouthwash

The chamomile flower has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and sedative properties that can contribute to relief in case of suffering a burn on the palate. Therefore, you can prepare the infusion, let it cool and use it both as a drink and as a liquid to gargle. To do this, be guided by the following procedure.


  • 2 teaspoons of chamomile flowers (10 g)
  • 1 cup of water (250 ml)


  • Add the teaspoons of dried chamomile flowers to a cup of hot water and let them steep for five minutes.
  • After the indicated time, strain the infusion.
  • Once the infusion is ready, it is used cold, as a rinse, twice a day.
  • After gargling the water is spit out, it should not be swallowed.

Chamomile tea: properties and benefits

Note : while you apply any of these remedies that we have mentioned, it is recommended that you avoid eating hot, salty and irritating foods because this will prevent the healing of the burn. You also need to avoid drinking large amounts of vinegar or citrus juices as well as foods such as popcorn, fried foods, and seeds.

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When should you go to the doctor?

Although, in general, these tips are enough,  if the injury lasts more than 24 hours or is repetitive, it is best to consult your doctor so that he can review you and prescribe the most appropriate treatment.

At the pharmacy you can buy a mouthwash to help relieve discomfort and heal the injury. For example, a mouthwash with chlorhexidine -antiseptic- or an anesthetic may be useful.

Currently, hyaluronic acid is being widely used in the treatment of oral lesions. Among its properties we find that it relieves pain, protects and hydrates the mucous membranes and promotes healing and healing of the mucous membranes in case of canker sores or oral lesions.

Even if the discomfort has ceased, it is advisable to attend a medical consultation, to make sure that there are no sequels of the injury and that it has healed correctly.

And what about burn-like injuries?

There are special cases that, although they are not frequent, it is convenient to know. There are occasions when lesions appear that resemble a burn on the palate, but are caused by certain diseases other than the mouth, for example:

  • Celiac Disease
  • Fungal diseases
  • Allergic reactions

In all these cases it is always essential to consult a doctor.

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