What Is The Healthiest Breakfast?

In order to have the necessary energy to last the whole day, breakfast should provide us with between 20 and 25% of the calories ingested for the day.

What is the most comfortable and healthy breakfast? Starting the day with the right amount of nutrients is essential to maintain your energy levels and mood.

For this reason, according to the Spanish Nutrition Foundation, breakfast is very important, as it is the first food intake that the body receives after fasting for several hours while you sleep. However, morning activities and time trials end up relegating, at times, the importance it has.

Discovering the healthiest breakfast

We tell you how to make breakfast the best experience of the day. Discover these practical and healthy tips that will allow you to optimize time while increasing the energy levels of your body.

First, you should know that dairy, fruits and cereals are part of the foods that can not be missing in a balanced breakfast. To these you can add meat derivatives (such as ham) and sweets in small quantities.

The key is to achieve a suitable combination of these elements according to your tastes and resources. Take a look at these suggestions and choose your ideal breakfast!

Cancer fruits

What should it contain?

  • Dairy : 1 portion, which can be represented by liquid milk (about 200ml) or powder, yogurt (120 to 250g), kefir or fresh cheese (80 to 120g).
  • Flours or cereals : 1 serving, either arepa, bread, toast, cookies or cereal.
  • Drinks : 1 glass. You can choose between a glass of orange juice or your favorite fruit, and a hot drink.
  • Fruits : 1 serving
  • Others : 2 servings, which can comprise 1 egg, 1 slice of ham or 1 sausage.

In all cases, it is advisable to avoid foods high in fat or to use fried foods. And we must also limit added sugars.

The most comfortable and healthy breakfast

Some suggestions

Now, if what you are looking for is a healthy and quick breakfast to prepare, you can consider these combinations:

Cereal with milk

If you have little time and cereals are within the group of foods that you like, this is an excellent option. Keep in mind that there are different types of cereal on the market.

There are those that are part of the fitness line that, in general, contain less sugar and more fiber. And those that, on the contrary, have high levels of sugar.

Fruit salad

Do you love eating fruits in the morning? Then you can mix small amounts of fruits like mango, papaya, strawberry and banana.

Keep in mind that this option is easy to digest. It is very successful if, in general, you do not require a great physical effort in the development of your daily activities .


The sandwich is a good breakfast to eat anytime, anywhere. In addition, it is also valid for the whole family, adults and children.

You only need sliced ​​bread (2 units), mortadella or ham (1 unit) and cheese (1 slice) or simply, fresh cheese or jam, accompanied by a juice or a milk drink.

Finally, remember that breakfast should account for between 20 and 25% of the calories ingested throughout the day. So give your body the energy it needs to start each morning and continue with the same momentum throughout the day. Choose any of these options to prepare the most comfortable and healthy breakfast.

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