Tips To Preserve Flower Arrangements

We like our home to be a nice and welcoming place, both for ourselves and for our guests. An ideal way to decorate a house is through flower arrangements, since flowers are a good way to give it that touch of color and nature.

Bouquets wither quickly and can go bad in the blink of an eye; some can last a couple of days and others up to a couple of weeks. The duration will always depend on the variety and the care we dedicate to them.

If you want these flower arrangements to last more than five days in perfect condition, we give you some very simple tips to carry out. They won’t take much time from you either, and so you can always have the flowers ready at home.

Tricks to keep your flower arrangements perfect

The flower arrangements are many.

If what you are looking for is to keep a bouquet that you have been given or bought for a longer time to decorate your dining room table, listen to our advice to make it stay in your home for longer, giving off good smells.

  • If you have gotten yourself a bouquet, the first thing to do is remove the wrapping paper. Next, cut the stem diagonally, remove any excess leaves, and add that stem in a vase.
  • Do not exceed 10 centimeters of water, as they could drown.
  • The location of the flower arrangement is important. Always look for a cool place at night and that has enough lighting during the day, without directly receiving the sun’s rays.
  • We can add warm water for the vast majority of plants. However, if it is bulbs or roses, we recommend cold water.
  • The water should be changed daily, as the flowers need fresh water. If the stems remain dry, the ideal is to cut 1 centimeter whenever you consider it necessary.
  • If it is orchids, they do not need much care, since they are very resistant. It will be enough to cut the stem diagonally and give them warm water baths.
  • To keep the hydrangeas for longer, instead, we have to submerge them in cold water so that they ‘wake up’ and look more beautiful and strong.
  • If you see that they need a boost, do not hesitate to add mineral salts or we can even place an aspirin in the water to revive them. A tablespoon of salt or sugar might also do the trick.
  • Spray the flowers when you have them at home, use a spray or drop drops with your hands to refresh them.

How to get better flowers

It’s easy to maintain our flower arrangements once we know the tricks. Next, we will tell you the steps to avoid making mistakes at any time.

Clean the flowers

The first thing to do is clean the excess twigs and leaves from each flower. This will take work away from you and you won’t have to dedicate your flowers to recovery.

It will prevent bacteria or even insects from going to the wilted flowers.

Cool cool water

Ideally, always have fresh water, first cut the long stems at a 45º angle and place it under the tap with cold water.

Find pruning shears or a sharp knife so you don’t break the stem strands.

Give them food

The flower arrangements are beautiful.

Flowers need food many times when they have been cut from their main plant they need a higher dose of food to keep them strong and healthy. We can add anything from an aspirin to the water to a tablespoon of sugar and vinegar.

Here are a few natural recipes for your flower arrangements.

  • You can prepare a mixture of a tablespoon of sugar for another teaspoon of bleach, for every two liters of water. Sugar feeds and chlorine kills bacteria.
  • Effervescent aspirin oxygenates the water and keeps the water free of toxins and germs.
  • A dash of sprite or 7up is the equivalent of using sugar, plus the gas that protects the flowers from bacteria.

Cool places, be careful with the temperature

The sun and heat quickly wither our flowers, we could say that they “melt”, therefore, always look for a cool place where you have a bit of a cold draft.

In the morning, avoid the sun’s rays hitting the flowers because they would quickly wither.

Flowers are a decorative element that should not be missing in our house, easy to get and, as you have seen, easy to maintain for longer.

There are no excuses, put our advice into practice so that you have the most beautiful flowers for longer.

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