Tips For Maintaining Good Hair Health

If you have frizzy hair, avocado and banana can be your allies to repair, nourish and restore its shine. Remember: do not abuse the dryer.

Do you know how to maintain healthy hair? Due to excessive use of irons, dryers, bleaches, dyes, sun exposure and poor diet, shine and hydration can be lost. Here are some tips to help you deal with this problem.

The consequences of all the previously mentioned factors are damaged hair, full of split ends and very fragile. If we have falling problems, this can increase it.

For this reason, today we will discover some natural alternatives that will allow us to improve hair health. Do you dare to put them to the test?

Avocado mask

It can be useful for people who suffer from frizzy hair from being subjected to high temperatures, which causes split and brittle ends.

Avocado contains many vitamins that help repair, deeply nourish and restore lost shine to damaged hair. These properties make it a very positive ingredient for healthy hair and skin. Here is a popular recipe (not supported by science) to use it:

Avocado hair mask


  • Avocado.
  • Wheat germ oil.
  • Ripe banana, another ingredient with proven benefits for hair.


  • To prepare the hair mask, the pulp is removed from the avocado and the ripe banana by pouring it into a blender, along with a tablespoon of wheat germ.
  • This mixture is liquefied until a homogeneous substance is obtained, which is applied to damp hair, leaving it to act for an hour. The process should be repeated twice a week, quickly obtaining fabulous results.

    Apple cider vinegar hair rinse


    This remedy is used to balance the pH levels in the hair, adding shine and effectively eliminating dandruff, according to studies. The fermentation of the sugars of the apple provide vitamins and revive the dead tissue of the scalp.


    • Apple vinager.
    • Water.


    • To prepare this hair rinse, it is only necessary to dilute the apple cider vinegar in water and apply with a spray throughout the hair and leave it on for 30 minutes.
    • You can use it before bathing.

    Almonds oil

    It works as an agent that strengthens the hair by fighting dryness, and also prevents hair loss by nourishing it from the roots to the ends. Almond oil has great moisturizing qualities, as stated in this research.


    • Almonds oil.
    • Honey.


    • This treatment is very easy to administer, since only the mixture of the two main ingredients is required.
    • The substance must be evenly distributed throughout the scalp, covering all areas from roots to ends, leaving it to act for one hour.
    • Its intensity of application varies depending on how damaged the hair is. It is highly recommended to consult a dermatologist about its convenience and mode of application.

    Mayonnaise-based treatment

    Although there is not much evidence to support this use, many say that mayonnaise works as a hair revitalizer, restoring lost shine, moisture, and natural hair movement. In theory, its natural oils provide moisture and promote silkiness.

    However, what has been proven is its effectiveness for treating head lice, at least in the short term. One of its uses according to popular beliefs is described below:


    • Mayonnaise.
    • Warm water.


    • Mayonnaise should be applied to damp hair, leaving it to act for 45 minutes.
    • To remove it and that the hair is not greasy, it should be rinsed with warm water, then proceeding to a normal wash with plenty of shampoo.
    • The procedure could be repeated more than once a week.

    Aloe vera and beer mask

    It can be used for dehydrated hair, lack of shine, split ends, oily and very damaged scalp. Aloe vera has positive properties that benefit the recovery of the natural keratin present in the hair, worn down by the use of products such as dyes and bleaches and some other chemical products that are aggressive with the hair.

    For its part, and surprising as it may seem, beer is an ingredient that is increasingly used in the manufacture of hair care products, according to this academic publication. It should be noted that there is no scientific evidence on the combination of these ingredients, which is detailed in the following homemade recipe.

    aloe vera


    • Half a glass of beer.
    • Two leaves of aloe vera.
    • Olive oil.


    For this preparation, the aloe vera glass is removed and mixed in a blender with half a glass of beer and a tablespoon of olive oil until a uniform paste is obtained.

    It is applied to the entire hair, massaging it for 5 minutes and leaving it to act for an hour. This procedure is recommended to use a maximum of two times a week to obtain excellent results.

    Guidelines for caring for and maintaining healthy hair

    Just as the previous alternatives can help, we must also comply with certain habits that make the hair well-being. Remember that, for any serious problem, the best solution is to consult a dermatologist.

    • Avoid washing it daily, without letting many days pass between each grooming session; the first causes us dryness and the second, excess fat. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, you should wash it when it is oily, and this depends on the body of each person.
    • Avoiding hot water is the main cause of dry hair, according to an AAD specialist.
    • Honey can be added to conditioner or shampoo for extra hydration.
    • Avoid using accessories on wet hair, in addition to avoiding picking it up during the day.
    • Detangle from ends to roots to avoid breaking hair.
    • Cut the ends of the hair every 6 weeks.
    • Do not comb wet hair.
    • Have a balanced diet.

    We hope that all these keys to hair health help you keep it hydrated so that it looks much better.

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