The 5 Best Raw Foods To Show Off A Flat Stomach

Surely you have heard about the benefits of the raw diet to take care of our figure and lose weight. When it comes to the best ‘raw’ foods, we are not talking about eating raw meat or fish at all. Let’s not panic!

According to specialized publications, increasing our consumption of raw vegetables or fruits will help us not only burn fat, but also prevent numerous diseases, and even improve immunity and memory. In the following article we will tell you which are the best raw foods, keep reading!

Why is raw food beneficial?

There are many foods (not all, of course) that, when consumed raw, provide us with many more benefits than if we cooked them. They will be richer in vitamins, trace elements and digestive enzymes and, in addition, they will help you feel more satiated. Some posts explain it:

The more natural and less chemicals or pesticides this food has received during its cultivation, the better, so do not hesitate to buy them in organic stores, in specialized markets or in the usual markets, where they have better product quality.

Do you want to know how raw foods help you?

Always keep in mind that, to show off a flat stomach, it is not enough just to eat well. You also need to be physically active regularly, get plenty of rest, and give up or reduce harmful habits such as alcohol consumption. Put yourself in the hands of a professional to achieve controlled progress. 

1. Goodbye to abdominal bloating

If you usually suffer from dyspepsia or gas, consuming raw fruit or vegetables will help you to combat these annoying problems much better, due to the digestive properties mentioned in the first medical publication cited.

In addition, we encourage digestive enzymes to be secreted and nutrients to be optimally absorbed. And let’s not forget that eating raw food is the best way to avoid constipation, due to the fiber in fruits and vegetables.

Stomach gases.

2. We are more satisfied

This type of raw food allows us not only to better absorb the nutrients, but also to generate a greater feeling of satiety. In the long run, this will affect the quantity and quality of food eaten.

3. We delay aging

How? Thanks to the high content of antioxidants present in raw foods. The main antioxidant sources are vitamins C and E, carotenes and polyphenols.

4. Balance between sodium and potassium 

Did you know that eating raw vegetables is a great way to get potassium ? That’s how it is. Certain fruits and vegetables are ideal to counteract excess sodium and achieve that necessary balance for our health.

Bananas, dried fruits (walnuts, pistachios, almonds …), broccoli and spinach, among other foods, stand out for their content of this mineral.

5. Perfect for weight loss

Resorting to the raw diet is effective because these foods are filling and nourish adequately with low-calorie, fat-free foods. Of course, you must be aware that following a diet based only on these foods is not advisable.

As we said previously, it is best to plan a diet with a professional nutritionist. This will be able to evaluate the needs of the person and, based on them, will create an appropriate diet.

What are the best raw foods?

Remember that a person’s diet depends on many factors, such as their needs and goals. Therefore, do not make drastic modifications without first consulting with a nutritionist.

Broccoli and watercress

You already know how healthy both broccoli and watercress are. We have told you about them on numerous occasions in our space and we always recommend that you consume them between one and two times a week, but do you know that these two foods can be consumed raw?

In the case of broccoli, we must be careful, since certain levels of the bacterium listeria monocytogenes have been detected in studies in its precooked and frozen varieties. For raw watercress there are usually no major contraindications, but it is still advisable to consult with the nutritionist.

To consume them, you just have to cut them into very small pieces (previously well washed) and combine them with other sprouts.

Red pepper

Evidence of its properties has been found to stimulate weight loss and maintenance. Many properties are attributed to raw bell pepper, such as fighting constipation, improving digestion, and providing multiple vitamins and antioxidants. However, as the research cited states, more studies are needed to verify them.

The onion

Studies indicate that, if onions are cooked, many of those enzymes that take care of our digestion and that provide us with healthy minerals and antioxidants are lost in a high percentage. Solution? Better raw and in not very high quantities.

The green apple

No apple jams or natural juices. Consuming a green apple with skin included can help us make better use of its flavonoid content, which is higher as well according to research. A very healthy way to take care of our health, eliminate fat and achieve a flat stomach.



When we cook them, we lose allicin, that component that acts as a natural antibiotic and as a purifier for our body.

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