The 3 Main Causes Of Depression

Depression is a well-known disorder due to the large number of people who suffer from it. This disease causes the person who suffers from it to have problems leading a totally normal life. But what are the causes of depression?

Pessimism, little desire to live and mood swings are some of the characteristics that affect people with this disease.

Of course, we must never confuse sadness with depression:  one is temporary, while the other lasts for a long time.

But why are so many people suffering from it? Does genetics have something to do with it? Is it a matter of feelings or emotional sensitivity? Below we will discover three causes that can cause you to suffer from depression sometime in your life.

The causes of depression

There are many causes that can influence the appearance and development of depression. Among them, we can find:

1. Causes of depression: hereditary traits

Genetics carry a lot of weight when we talk about diseases such as Alzheimer’s or cancer, but depression also has a place among them.

If a family member, close or not, has suffered from this disease, there is a greater probability of suffering from it. And it is that, apparently, depression is more frequent in those people whose blood relatives suffer or have suffered from this disorder.

The most normal thing is that the closer the depressed family member is, the greater the possibility of suffering from the disease.

It seems that in there is a  genetic predisposition to suffer those diseases, such as depression, that have affected our relatives.

This does not mean that we have to suffer from this disease, only that we are much more exposed than someone in whose family these depressive symptoms have not appeared.

2. Brain Chemistry: Neurotransmitters

Many times, there are physiological factors that cause the disease. In the case of depression, there are various hypotheses in this regard. According to research, changes in the function of neurotransmitters and how they interact with the neurocircuits involved in mood could be the cause of depression.

Of course, depression does not always have a physiological component and that drugs cannot always be the solution, but they are an option that should be considered if we ever suffer from it.

3. Personal situations

When a person suffers from this disease, we can think that something has happened to him in his life that has been the trigger for this disorder.

The truth is that depression, except in the previous cases, has a trigger that is linked to personal problems.

An example of this are situations of divorce, harassment, other disorders such as bipolarity, etc.

Even many women after having a baby suffer from the well-known “postpartum depression” in which hormones play a fundamental role.

Although this disorder can appear at any age, symptoms can appear first in adolescents and people in their 20s and 30s.

Everything that happens around them can affect them and, if nothing goes right, they can end up in a terrible depression.

Depression and relationships

Although it is true that you may have a certain genetic predisposition, the real trigger for your depression will be the relationships you maintain around you.

If you find yourself immersed in a toxic relationship or are not able to take charge of your life, if a negative event has taken you by surprise and you do not know how to deal with it, all this can put you in a depressed state.

The positive part of all this is that this disorder is overcome, although it is an arduous and long process  in which we may require the help of drugs.

So to speak, depression must be fought on many fronts in order to eliminate it completely or at least get it under control.


Because of the life model we lead, how fast we live, the problems that happen to us and many other things, it is children, young people, adults and the elderly who are increasingly affected by this disorder.

The important thing is to find the origin of the problem in order to treat it effectively from now on. Depression has its causes, but it also has its solutions.

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