Plants To Sleep Better

Do you have trouble falling asleep or do you wake up at night and cannot rest again? Do you need to start sleeping better? You can take advantage of the benefits of some homemade infusions.

In this article we tell you which are the best plants to sleep properly and wake up every morning with all the renewed energy.

Infusions and plants to sleep better

Drinking a rich tea that allows us to rest at night can seem like a utopia. However, there are many plants that help us in this common problem. Above all, from people who live in cities or who have too many worries.

Pay attention to the following herbs with calming and relaxing properties that will help you sleep better:


It is one of the most famous sleeping herbs due to its sedative effects. It has been used since ancient times (in Rome and Greece it was already known about its relaxing properties).

Valerian is of Asian origin although it grows abundantly in Europe and America. Its extract is used both in the pharmacological industry and in herbal medicine.

This plant has several essential oils with sedative and spasmolytic abilities. In addition, it is not only effective for falling asleep, but also for fighting anxiety and stress. It increases the number of hours we sleep without interruption and gives us a wonderful sense of calm.

  • You can drink up to 3 cups of valerian tea a day.


Lavender essential oil for better sleep

Known for its beautiful color and fragrance, lavender is one of the most relaxing herbs around and is good for a good and deep sleep. Consuming an infusion of this plant before going to bed is synonymous with a pleasant and restful night’s rest.

Your body and your mind will be calm. So you can put aside insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression.

  • In addition , lavender essential oil can be used to perfume pillows and bedding : it will act as a natural sedative. Another option is to do an immersion bath with some branches of the plant dissolved in the water.

Flower of the Passion

Also known as passionflower, this plant is very effective at bedtime. It has natural sleeping properties.

For this reason it is recommended for those people who cannot fall asleep or who wake up startled at night. It is ideal to enjoy a restful, pleasant and relaxing rest.

The passion flower is also used as a natural treatment against stress and anxiety. This mild sedative gives us general well-being and is a great source of alkaloids (whose active ingredients were used to make tranquilizers).

  • It can be consumed as an infusion or capsules or used in the form of tinctures and oils.


    Basswood for better sleep

    Also known as “linden” (the name of the flower), it is one of the most powerful herbs for sleeping due to its sedative effects. It is relaxing, calming, and calming.

    In addition, it has diuretic properties. For this reason, its consumption is not recommended before going to bed (but it is during the afternoon).

    • Linden is antispasmodic and therefore relaxes the muscles.
    • Lowers blood pressure and clears the airways.
    • It has many components in common with valerian.


    It is recognized for its white and yellow flowers and its rich flavor in infusions. Chamomile belongs to the daisy family and has been used in soothing and relaxing treatments since ancient times .

    Chamomile relaxes the muscles thanks to a component called apigenin (calms the central nervous system). In addition, this plant promotes drowsiness, allows you to fall asleep and sleep better and in a deep way.

    • In addition to ingesting it in infusions we can get extracts, capsules and essential oils.

    Hop flower

    Hop flower for better sleep

    These flowers are divided into two groups: male and female. The latter, shaped like a cone, are the ones that are recommended to treat insomnia naturally.

    Hop flowers are also used to regulate states of anxiety and neurosis. They have a good amount of volatile oils that induce brain relaxation.

    Among its other applications we can highlight that they stimulate the appetite, they are a natural antiseptic and a more than powerful diuretic. For this reason it is recommended not to drink after night.


    Often used in cooking to flavor dishes, rosemary is characterized by its intense aroma. It is made up of flavonoids, minerals, essential oils, and phenols. All these promote muscle relaxation and allow you to fall asleep.

    • You can drink rosemary tea or use this aromatic herb for lunch and dinner.

    Grass of San Juan

    It is a medicinal plant used mainly to treat depression and anxiety. It is also used to prevent insomnia and light or interrupted sleep.

    St. John’s Wort increases the production of the hormone serotonin in the brain. This is in charge of regulating rest.

    • It can be consumed as an infusion or in the form of capsules. Both presentations are obtained in herbalists.

    Other medicinal plants

    Other plants to sleep better are:

    • Lemon balm.
    • The Mint.
    • The lemon verbena.
    • The poppy.
    • The verbena.

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