Leg Cramps: Are There Medicinal Herbs For This Problem?

We are many women who, at the end of the day, feel that annoying heaviness in the legs, those cramps. In this article we have compiled a series of medicinal herbs that have been known for years and that could work as a complement to the treatment prescribed by the doctor. Of course, as long as it supports it.

Leg cramps

Let us first of all remember what leg cramps are and what origin they have. Generally most of the people complain about suffering them during the night. They are sudden ramps that contract our muscles, causing us intense pain. They can be brief or last up to several minutes, a very annoying reality that sometimes we do not know how to approach.

Doctors tell us that many times it can be due to standing for a long time, suffering from circulation problems or having a deficiency of minerals such as calcium, magnesium or potassium in the blood.

How can these medicinal plants help me?

If you suffer from frequent leg cramps, it is best to see your doctor for a diagnosis and other conditions can be ruled out.

The medicinal plants that we name here are known to favor a correct circulation of the legs. However, more research is needed in this regard. Therefore, it is best to consult your doctor about its use, in case they could have side effects or be counterproductive.

Medicinal herbs suitable for leg cramps

1. Horse Chestnut


It is a medicinal plant known to promote proper blood circulation. Horse chestnut seeds have traditionally been used for healing purposes for several centuries.

The extracts of the seeds are components used both internally and externally in patients with chronic venous insufficiency or other inflammatory conditions of the veins, varicose veins of the legs and hemorrhoids, as well as for the treatment of frostbite, burns, epidermal abrasions and inflammation of the skin .

You can find horse chestnut in natural stores in infusion, tablets and creams. Just have one cup a day in the morning.

2. Rosemary infusion


What is rosemary used for? It is a plant with anti-inflammatory properties that could help to reactivate blood circulation.

Rosemary is a medicinal plant native to the Mediterranean region and is cultivated throughout the world. In addition to the therapeutic purpose, it is commonly used as a seasoning and food preservative.

3. The ponytail

pony tail

Horsetail has been extensively studied. Its best known phytochemical compounds are flavonoids, phenolic acids, alkaloids, phytosterols, tannins and triterpenoids.

Several studies have described different biological effects of horsetail extract or tea with natural extract, such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, vasorelaxant and cardioprotective. So preparing an infusion with this plant could help calm cramps.

4. Hawthorn

Hawthorn could help to promote adequate circulation, since it provides many minerals and can be very useful in case of hydroelectrolyte imbalance. Which can affect the appearance of cramps.

Due to the presence of various bioactive compounds, such as flavonoids, hawthorn is believed to help reduce cardiovascular risk factors, such as hypertension or thrombosis.

5. The dandelion

Dandelion contains minerals, is digestive, and has soothing properties that could help relieve that classic pressure on the legs and ankles. It could promote adequate circulation, and the interesting thing is that we can take it both in infusion and in baths on the legs. Dandelion is really relaxing.

6. The Ginko


Have you already tried the infusion of Ginkgo Biloba? Ginkgo biloba extract has been recommended to improve blood circulation in circulatory disorders.

Some studies suggest that it could have a multidirectional modulating action on blood flow and support its vasoregulatory role.

Let’s recap

Finally, we hope you find the infusion that convinces you the most. You can try several until you find the one you like. Of course, consult your doctor before, it is not advisable to abuse its consumption either.

Finally, we remember that these infusions are a natural support. In no case do they replace medications. Visiting the doctor when we have pain should always be the first option.

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