Learn How To Make Two Exfoliating Sponges For The Bath

What kind of sponge do you normally use for bathing? The ideal is to use exfoliating sponges with which to remove dead cells and improve surface circulation. It is part of the beauty ritual to achieve smoother and smoother skin.

We can make our own exfoliating sponges from nylon, a highly effective synthetic material, or from loofah. Luffa is a plant from the cucumber and squash family that you can also grow at home.

Do you want to learn how to make your own exfoliating sponges? We explain how to do it.

1. Nylon exfoliating sponge

Pink Nylon Scrub Sponge

What I need?

  • 1/2 meter of nylon fabric (same as the picture above, great for exfoliating the skin)
  • Nylon needle and thread.

How do I make my nylon sponge?

It is really simple. The most difficult thing is to find nylon fabric, but in any specialized store they usually sell it. You can always take the opportunity to buy several meters and thus have the opportunity to make new sponges when you need them.

The first thing we will do is  divide the fabric into three equal pieces. Then we sew them in the center to join the three pieces and gather them so that there is a kind of rosette. You just have to pass the thread through the middle and then stretch and tie a knot to secure it. The final result should be like the one in the image above.

Use this sponge until it loses consistency and volume, and stops properly exfoliating your skin.

2. Exfoliating loofah sponges

Natural loofah on a wooden brush

How can I make my exfoliating loofah sponge?

It is one of the best exfoliating sponges out there. The loofah is actually a natural sponge that is made from a type of plant in the cucumber and squash family. For this, nothing better than growing them at home, they are very ornamental and each year they can produce several sponges.

You can buy luffa seeds at any natural store. They are easy to grow and, in less than a year, you will obtain these original elongated fruits in the form of green cucumbers. Once they’re ripe, pluck them off the plant and allow them to dry for a week.

After that time you just have to remove the skin and shake them a little to release the seeds they have inside. Do not forget to save them, they will serve you for a new harvest. Once you have peeled the fruit, you will see how this natural sponge emerges , ready to exfoliate your skin.

Which one do you prefer?

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