Latest Clinical Trials For The Treatment Of Breast Cancer

In this article we will talk about some of the clinical trials that have been carried out on breast cancer, although there are many more. Have you ever thought of signing up for one?

The latest clinical trials for the treatment of breast cancer continue to study different options to improve the effectiveness of the treatments that are available today, while trying to find new ways to deal with this disease.

In addition, they also try to answer why some procedures are very successful in some patients, while in others they are a complete failure.

To carry out clinical trials, people who have the disease and who have undergone conventional treatment that have not given them the result they were looking for are needed.

Through various web pages, such as Grupo Solti or GEICAM, patients can access the latest clinical trials for the treatment of breast cancer that have been carried out. But, also, they can see and sign up in those in which people are still being recruited to be able to start them.

However, a much easier way to participate in this type of trial is to go to the nearest clinic or health center and ask if there is a clinical trial in force, if they can participate and where they should go.

It is important to mention that not all people with breast cancer are suitable for this type of study. Before being able to participate in them, they must undergo a series of tests and have the authorization of the doctor who is handling their case.

Metastatic breast cancer

Latest clinical trials for the treatment of breast cancer

This first of the latest clinical trials for the treatment of breast cancer is active, although at present new people are no longer recruited to participate in it. It began in September 2016 and is scheduled to end in May next year. It will be, then, when we can see the results that it has produced.

According to the data provided by the website, the objective of the study is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Abemaciclib plus Tamoxifen or Abemaciclib only in women who have metastatic breast cancer with HR + and HER2-. An essential requirement is that they have been previously treated.


Another of the clinical trials that is still active, given the great importance it has had, is the effect that immunotherapy has on breast cancer in a metastatic state.

This was first put into practice at the National Cancer Institute in the US where a woman had ventured into a trial after receiving a completely disappointing diagnosis.

After finishing the treatment, which lasted about 22 months, the cancer eradicated and there was no trace of him. The treatment consisted of extracting lymphocytes from one of the patient’s tumors, multiplying them in the laboratory, and reintroducing them into her body. The lymphocytes attacked the tumors with great efficiency causing the metastasis to be eliminated progressively.

Currently, an average of 332 patients are being treated. It is scheduled to end in 2024 to determine its effectiveness and if it is the same for all people who have undergone this treatment. In the event that the results are positive, the metastasis will be close to ceasing to be a fatal diagnosis.

Drug combination with Dasatanib

Drug combination

The GEICAM Breast Cancer Research Group is an association that last year decided to successfully test a new drug combination for patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer. The study included the drug Dasatanib in addition to Trastuzumban and Paclitaxel.

Dr. Alberto OcaƱa, principal investigator of the study, determined that the response rate was close to 80% in a fairly long time to progression. The data from the study are very positive, but other possibilities are being tested, such as including the drugs Pertuzumba and T-DM1 to see how it evolves.

Currently, the latter of the clinical trials for the treatment of breast cancer is still in the recruitment phase. If you are interested, you still have time to sign up and participate in it.

If you have ever considered participating in any of the clinical trials for the treatment of breast cancer, we hope that the pages that we have mentioned have been helpful. These studies are necessary to be able to advance, every day, in the fight against cancer.

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