Is It Possible To Blank The Mind?

Saturated by so much information, many people wonder if it is possible to blank their minds. The answer, perhaps, is not what everyone expects. The reason many want to blank their minds is because they feel fatigue, stress, or exhaustion, and they long to suspend all their thoughts.

But is this really possible? The truth is that it might not be, although opinions on this are controversial. The brain is the main organ of the central nervous system and its complexity is high. It can control all vital functions of human beings, from breathing to heart rate to digestion.

As for the mind, it is related to the brain because it refers to the processes that we can execute at the cognitive level, such as perception, memory, imagination, thought, and so on. This explains why it is not so easy to leave your mind blank.

Our brain generates impulses for thoughts to occur, and these are not so easy to stop. So what can we do to calm our mind? How can we stop those thoughts that obstruct us? We invite you to discover it.

Can you blank your mind?

Opinions on this matter are opposite. There are those who think that it is possible to completely blank the mind, while others think otherwise. According to science, some experiments have shown that the mind seems to “disappear”, making it impossible to monitor its whereabouts.

The participants in these experiments even expressed having experienced three mental states: wandering through the mind, erasing the mind and being focused. Regarding the subject, other bibliographic sources have made reference to a state known as absent mind, but this would not be very desirable.

In the absent-minded state, people who suffer from it experience inattention and memory loss, so probably not everyone will want to experience something similar.

Can you blank your mind?

Meditation and a blank mind

In addition to what is described, there is also a group of people who consider meditation as a way to blank the mind, but this position is not entirely correct. Rather, this is a mistake that has led many people to abandon this healthy practice by failing to put their minds blank, as many promise.

In fact, when meditating, one of the recommended things to do is to fix your attention on an object that, although at first it is physical, in advanced practices it can be replaced by other more subtle ones, such as consciousness itself.

This allows us to maintain that, while we are alive, human beings will have thoughts, as well as the rest of the mental faculties that accompany our existence.

Nowadays, psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists agree that it is not possible to blank the mind. What can be done is to concentrate on breathing or the sound of the air, and with this the cerebral cortex would be partially disconnected. This can make it easier to rest.

How to calm our thoughts

If what you feel is that your thoughts overwhelm you, you can apply different relaxation techniques to feel calm. Seeking a state of “blank mind” can be frustrating. Then it is best to turn to other effective exercises. 

Relaxation tips

Woman meditating

When we relax we reduce cortical brain activity and we can feel calm. We can achieve this by following these recommendations:

  • Practice breathing exercises.
  • Practice yoga.
  • Take a walk and get in touch with nature.
  • Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
  • Dedicate a space and a moment a day just for ourselves.
  • Enjoy the present moment, concentrating on the here and now, without generating anxiety about the future.
  • Practice mindfulness .
  • Do pleasant things, like take a warm bath and drink some tea.
  • Listen to calming music.
  • Practice visualization exercises.
  • Apply the technique of progressive relaxation of the muscles, among others.

In addition to these techniques, there are endless alternatives to live stress-free and enjoy every moment. The most important thing is to abandon the insistence on putting your mind blank, because the more you want to achieve, the more you would be developing an obsessive pattern.

If these guidelines are not enough to achieve a state of calm and relaxation, then the best suggestion is to visit a psychologist for support. Planning a distracting trip can also be really enjoyable and enjoyable.

In the end, you may realize that the most significant thing is not to blank your mind, but to live beautiful moments and do it with full consciousness.

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