If You Have To Ask For Help, Don’t Hesitate

Have you ever felt like you needed to ask for help and backed down?  That may be because you are not used to doing it. Excuses go through your mind like “I don’t want to bother”, “the truth is that it’s silly”, “I can get out of this alone” …

Thoughts that approach you and that plunge you into a spiral of suffering. But, if you need to ask for help, don’t hesitate, ask for it now. You will feel better immediately just by noticing someone else’s support.

Asking for help, does it make me weak?

ask for help

Perhaps one of the reasons you always refuse to ask for help is because you have the false belief that it is synonymous with weakness. However, put yourself on the opposite side: think that you are your best friend, your child or one of your parents.

Have you ever told them that if they need something that they ask you without hesitation? What, if they need help, will you be there? If you offer so much to others for what they need, why do you hold back so much?

You are not always requesting that others put out your fires. However, when you really feel that way, when you realize how good a helping hand would do you, don’t be ashamed.

Unfortunately, we all tend to give a lot for others, but not to give everything for ourselves. It is as if we devalued ourselves, as if the importance of what happens to us is much less.

When we give ourselves the place we deserve, then something comes up that society has tired of repeating ad nauseam: we are selfish.

However, selfishness is something that should be rethought. And it is that we are always aware of the other and, meanwhile, we leave ourselves in a second place.

The result? Dependencies, happiness that we leave in the hands of whether others are well or not in ours and another series of situations that play against us.

When going to the psychologist costs

Sometimes asking for help goes far beyond asking a family member or friend for help. Sometimes we know that it would do us a lot of good to go in and talk to someone with a professional background.

There are many people who still believe that to go to the psychologist you have to be crazy or that, if you go, it is because you have a serious disorder. However, this only shows a scant knowledge about what it means to access these professionals who can free us from a heavy burden that could be hindering our lives.

In addition, the psychologist can alert us to a possible low self-esteem, an emotional dependence on a partner or a possible indication that we suffer from depression.

This does not imply that we are excessively bad, that is, it is not necessary to be already mired in a deep depression to need help. It is about improving life. Because we all deal with stress, anxiety, slightly dysfunctional relationships …

Nobody teaches us to live, almost everything is based on trial and error.  A psychologist can help us by giving us certain tools to be much happier and not worry so much about that nonsense that we were giving so much importance to.

A change in perspective improves things, because there are always areas in our life where our negative vision takes on special relevance.

You’re not alone

ask for help

The important thing, if you need to ask for help, is that you know that you are not alone. We all have friends around us, people who love us, family … And if not, anyone is likely to be.

If we think we need more professional help, then we have psychologists. Everywhere there are opportunities to solve what we are suffering from.

Let’s not hesitate, let’s not get carried away by those erroneous beliefs that asking for help is from the weak, from failures, from people who always need others to get them out of trouble …

Nobody has taught us to ask for help, but to give it. No one has ever told us that we must prioritize ourselves, that this is not selfishness, and that after us the others come.

Let’s start giving ourselves the value we deserve and asking for help if we feel like it. Intuition never fails. Let’s begin to listen to ourselves and do what our interior screams, but that we try to silence. And let’s get started right now!

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