I Found My Way, But … Where Has Everyone Gone?

There is no more fulfilling and satisfying vital moment like that when, at last, we find our personal and professional path, when effort pays off.

Now, sometimes, when we reach that long-awaited goal, many of those around us in the beginning are no longer with us. However, there are those who miss the joy of their friends and family. 

We all have dreams, but only the brave use their strategies, efforts and resources to achieve them.

On many occasions, finding your way means having to go against the current, even ignoring those who put walls on you.

The path that, sometimes, we have to take alone

There are families that put walls to the aspirations of their children. They enclose them in their bubble of protection no matter how old they are. With that attitude they want to always have them by their side.

Some people make it difficult for them to start certain studies, to have certain jobs and even, why not, to have emotional partners.

All this would make them sooner or later leave home and start their own paths. It is the law of life, and yet not everyone can accept it.

For this reason, many people have no choice but to “break” that bond to achieve their dreams and goals. In this way, by doing so, they realize that the family is no longer with them. This is a sad and sometimes even dramatic fact.

Hence, it is necessary to respect the choices of our children, as well as the opinion of our parents. In addition, we  must be able to fight for our own dreams and projects at the same time.

Whoever loves you will support you in difficulties

We know that friends and family should be with us in difficult times. Now, something that is not always talked about is the need to have them. Especially when, finally, we achieve our personal triumphs.

A promotion at work and a good job position is something that ours should live with happiness. However, sometimes you live with discomfort.

If we finally start a relationship with the person we are in love with, it does not have to assume that our friends will stop calling us or staying with us.

They are situations, without a doubt, as complex as they are curious that make us remember the phrase “I want you to be happy, but no more than me”.

Now, we must never forget that the people who are truly worthwhile are those who offer us encouragement, support and confidence so that we achieve our goals.

Once we reach them, whoever really loves us will share our joy with sincerity and pride. Just as we ourselves would do it for them.

Although we must do it alone, our dreams are worth fighting for

Sometimes there is no choice but to harden our hearts and walk to achieve our goals.

There are those who put vetoes on your path and do not respect you, and therefore, you should not be afraid of starting your path alone.

Who repeats phrases like:

  • “Stay and hold on a little longer.”
  • “Not worth it”.
  •  “Better forget about that because it does not go with you, be satisfied with what you have.”

Those kinds of phrases are the ones that turn you off and can cancel you out.  Do not listen to her, attend only to your will and be brave.

Throughout our life cycle we are going to meet people who have the special ability to make us lose our illusions.

In this way they make nothing change, and with this, they make sure to always have us by their side in the same conditions.

Do not let that happen. Whatever your goals, dreams and wishes, find the strength and  enthusiasm to reach the summit you want. Once there, the people who really deserve it will be with you.

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