How To Strip For Your Partner

After years of relationship, it is normal for the routine to invade you without wanting it. However, this does not mean that there is no solution. Making a striptease to the partner can be a great way to put aside the monotony.

However, it is also a way to celebrate a special date, or to remove the shame and increase the complicity between the two. In this article, we give you some tips.

Dare to do a striptease for your partner

According to an article published by the Revista Puertorriqueña de Psicología , being routine is one of the main mistakes in a relationship. Boredom and boredom can lead to fights, bad faces, and separation. That is why it is good to find ways to surprise the other. Although it is something simple, a detail from time to time can be ideal to ‘fan the flame’ of passion.

You can take advantage of that complicity that you have accumulated over the years and not be ashamed of doing certain things  that, perhaps, at first were modest or shy.

chair sex

There are different techniques to get out of the routine. From a romantic getaway to the countryside or the beach to a candlelight dinner. Also, practice a new sexual position or surprise with an erotic dance.

And it is that to strip the couple you do not need to be a dancer or athlete, or be in full physical shape. It is just a matter of removing taboos and complexes and enjoying the moment.

Steps to strip your partner

If you want to sign up for a pole dance class and thus, as an article published in 2013 by the Australasia Magazine of Popular Culture explains , surprise your boyfriend or husband with a more than sensual pole dance … Congratulations!

If not, you can also do the most basic version that he will also love and, in addition, you will feel like a professional dancer. Keep in mind the following tips to make the striptease a success and ask you to dedicate it on more than one occasion.

1. Pay attention to details

  • Even if you have been in a relationship for a long time and there are things that ‘he does not care’, do not stop waxing or shaving your legs, bikini and armpits.
  • Also wear the favorite perfume you have (or the one he likes the most).
  • Add some jewels or trinkets and, if you dare, brush yourself with body oil so that you ‘shine’ like a star on stage.

2. Choose your clothes well

The idea of ​​doing striptease is to take off your clothes one by one to the rhythm of a song, with suggestive and sensual movements. You can wear a long jacket to the feet and underneath only stay in underwear. On the other hand, you can have several clothes to make the game more fun.

Sexy female lingerie

In any case, you cannot miss a good lingerie, perhaps with lace and the color that you like the most. Red is usually appropriate in these cases, and that you take off each garment slowly.

3. Find a sensual song

Music is another of the fundamental parts of a striptease : it has to be provocative, sensual and irresistible. If you have no idea, search the internet for some jazz , bosa nova, or romantic pop. You will surely find good options!

4. Don’t worry too much about dancing

You can practice a bit in front of the mirror if that will make you feel more comfortable and confident, but it is not necessary. Try to be something rather casual, not a choreography that you must adhere to to the letter.

The goal is for you to move slowly according to the melody. While you do it, you should take off the clothes (you can even throw them at the other person as a gift). Be suggestive but, at the same time, elegant. Don’t ‘show’ everything from the start.

Also, try not to laugh (unless the smile is part of the game or the character you have invented). Take off one garment at a time, play with the waiting and anxiety of the other. Put your clothes back on before taking them completely off… There are different options!

How to strip your partner

You can also watch a video online to find ideas. Of course, you cannot miss the scene from the well-known movie “Nine and a Half Weeks” as inspiration. Although it is more than three decades old, it shows how to strip in a sensual and provocative way.

But ultimately, don’t overthink it. Try to let yourself go and not care what they will say. One key to striptease is to look each other in the eye at all times. Thus, each time the sexual tension will increase. In this way, after the foreplay, he will know how to reward you handsomely.

5. Think of a good ending, the last step to strip your partner

Of course, the outcome of the story is already known from the beginning. However, you can determine what to do when you have the only garment left, and which one will be chosen.

For example, you can let your partner take it away from you, keep it in place or remove it just like the others… Let your imagination fly!

That insecurity does not conquer desire

Fear has no place when it comes to having sex or trying new things. What’s more, originality and communication are two fundamental pillars for you to enjoy an unforgettable moment together.

And you? Have you ever dared to strip your partner? Any time is perfect to surprise him.

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