How To Make A Chocolate Mint Lip Balm

Making a lip balm at home is as easy as it is fun. The option we suggest here is to make it based on chocolate and mint. The combination is as attractive as it is beneficial for the health of the lips.

Thus, this homemade product can help us to soften, tone, hydrate and even protect us against harmful external agents. Having this type of lip balm in your bag every day will give you that essential and attractive protection that you will no longer be able to do without.

What do I need to make my Chocolate Mint Lip Balm?

How-to-make-a-chocolate-mint-lip balm

1. Cocoa butter

You can find it in many natural beauty stores or health food stores. It is a butter made from the seeds of the cocoa tree. Thanks to its properties, it helps us moisturize and care for the lips. In addition to the cocoa butter, you need a tablespoon of grated dark chocolate.

2. Beeswax

You will also find it in natural beauty stores and it can have multiple uses in your day to day. The wax provides the lip balm with hydration and nutrition, as well as antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

In fact, in an in vivo study in which this product was added to a body gel, it was concluded that beeswax contributed to improving the gel’s ability to regenerate the skin.

3. Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint essential oil is available at beauty shops, health food stores, or herbalists. It is very suitable for caring for the skin in general and also for beauty resources such as this lip balm.

In addition, various investigations show that mint has antibacterial properties, so it could also help us protect our lips against threats from the environment.

4. Vitamin E oil

You can find it in capsules, both in pharmacies and in natural stores. Vitamin E protects, nourishes and is a great emollient for everything related to cosmetics due to its antioxidant properties.

In fact, it has long been used in dermatology and cosmetic products. A study published in the journal Molecular Aspects of Medicine collects several of its properties, among which are a certain photoprotective capacity and its benefits to stabilize the skin barrier.

In this way, vitamin E can be our ally when it comes to protecting our lips against external agents, such as sunlight, which can make them look cracked and dry.

How to Make Chocolate Mint Lip Balm



The following amounts allow you to obtain about 1.5 oz (40 g) of lip balm

  • 1 tablespoon of cocoa butter
  • 1 tablespoon grated dark chocolate (15 mg)
  •  15 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • 1 teaspoon of grated beeswax (5 g)
  • 2 drops of vitamin E oil
  • Small pot or casserole
  • Glass vial


  1. First, add the cocoa butter, grated chocolate, and beeswax to the pot.
  2. Then, put it on a low heat until the mixture is completely melted and well homogeneous.
  3. Next, remove from the heat and add the peppermint oil and vitamin E, while stirring little by little.
  4. Immediately pour the mixture into the clean glass jar before it cools.
  5. Then, let it cool completely in the refrigerator before covering it. In a couple of hours you will have it ready.
  6. If there is a little liquid left, reheat it and add a little more beeswax.
  7. On the contrary, if you see that it is very hard, add a little peppermint essential oil.
  8. This lip balm lasts for many weeks. You can carry it in your bag all day to use it whenever you want.

chocolate-lip balm

Other options for lip balm

If you tend to suffer from chapped and chapped lips, try rosehip lip balm. It can be very beneficial thanks to its moisturizing and antibacterial properties. To make it, you just have to substitute the cocoa butter for white beeswax.

In this case, do not include the chocolate or peppermint oil, instead add two drops of rose essential oil.

Do you want to know one more trick? If you want your lip balm to have some color, add  a small piece of beets during cooking. It gives a very attractive result. Go ahead and prepare it at home.

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