How To Lose Weight With Breakfast

For a long time, experts held that breakfast was one of the most important meals. Today, however, the controversy is served because proponents of fasting (intermittent fasting) argue that this is not the case.

In fact, some experts argue that, based on certain studies, breakfast may add calories rather than help speed up your metabolism. In this article, we will not cover the different postures but will focus on how breakfast could help you lose weight. Read on to find out all the information about it.

Many people make the mistake of skipping breakfast. However, breakfast is the first meal and, therefore, it would activate our metabolism. For this reason, it is believed that it could help us lose weight more than any other meal of the day.

When a person does not eat breakfast they tend to suffer more anxiety and hunger during the day. When breakfast is skipped, there could also be a lack of energy and the metabolism could slow down. That is why it is recommended to eat a healthy and balanced breakfast.

Lose weight with a healthy breakfast

Losing weight with a healthy breakfast is possible. Breakfast will help us to feel more satisfied during the day, avoiding anxiety and maintaining the rhythm of metabolism. For this breakfast to be profitable, we must take into account the following keys:

  1. Eat breakfast as soon as possible. The ideal would be to eat breakfast as soon as possible, since the body begins to metabolize fat for energy.
  2. What to have for breakfast? What we eat for breakfast would play a very important role in our body weight. We should not opt ​​for a breakfast rich in flour, fat and carbohydrates. The ideal would be to have a breakfast as healthy and complete as possible, combining fruits, vegetables, dairy products, juices, tea, cereals and nuts, among others.
  3. Eat several times a day. Another key to losing weight would be dividing this meal into several intakes. You can start with a piece of fruit and some yogurt, and in an hour or two have a tea with whole wheat bread. By dividing the meals, we would keep the metabolism active.
  4. Drinking water. Water plays a very important role, since in addition to helping us activate the metabolism, it would keep us hydrated and help us eliminate toxins from the body. The ideal would be to drink a glass of water before breakfast and a liter and a half more during the rest of the day.

5 foods we can have for breakfast

We already have the keys that would help lose weight with breakfast. Next, we recommend some foods for your breakfast that would help you activate your metabolism.


Raspberries are a delicious food that  represents a significant fiber contribution to your body. According to the Journal of Nutrition , fiber plays a very important role in preventing obesity. In fact, those who consume it regularly may lose weight more easily.


This is one of the most recommended foods in any weight loss diet. It is an important source of fiber. In addition, it helps in the slow release of carbohydrates.



This food, in addition to being a source of calcium, also provides protein, according to data from the Spanish Nutrition Foundation. Its protein content would help satisfy the appetite and provide more energy.


The egg contains important proteins, which are ideal for those who want to lose weight healthily. These same proteins would help to keep you satisfied for longer and thanks to this, you would not feel hungry every moment.


Green tea (2)

Most teas are a source of antioxidants. In addition, mainly green tea could promote weight loss, as explained in the Physiology and Behavior article . Tea would be ideal for those who want to substitute coffee or cannot stand caffeine. In addition, it is not only limited to helping the body lose weight, but also exhibits many other health properties.

How about these tips to lose weight with breakfast? Talk to your doctor about the best way to get to your healthy weight. No one better than him will be able to draw up a food plan according to your caloric needs and physical condition.

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