How To Do Massage To Relieve Back Pain

When massaging the back, be careful to apply just enough pressure. Do you want to learn some techniques to perform them correctly?

Massages are one of the best allies to relieve back pain. And is that this problem can become uncomfortable, to the point that it prevents you from performing daily tasks normally.

We tell you how to do them so that you can enjoy their benefits. However, try to be careful and, if the pain is intense and lasting, do not forget that it is best to go to a specialist in the area to solve the problem. 

Basic massage tips for back pain relief

Taking into account the professional opinion and under the previous diagnosis of the problem, it is advisable to do the massage on a stretcher. But if you don’t have it , you can try it on a sofa, a bed or even on the kitchen table if it is wide and resistant.

In any case, the most important thing is that you are comfortable. Also , try not to have height problems  that make you adopt an uncomfortable posture by leaning more than you should.

Spread the oil properly on the back

You have to properly spread the oil on your back. In this sense, the expert Paola Vernaza Pinz√≥n explains that the best technique for applying warm oil is known as the effleurage technique, that is, the “light friction” technique. To do this, you just have to put into practice some long and uniform sliding movements.

As for the order to perform the massage, you must  follow the direction of blood flow : start at the lower back and go up. As you go through these movements, press down and then gently bring your hands to the outside of your back.

Repeat these movements for 3 to 5 minutes and gradually increase the pressure. This will allow you to warm up your back muscles. Also, don’t forget to go up towards the shoulders and neck as well.

Massage techniques to relieve back pain

In view of the fact that the following study carried out by several researchers from the University of Toronto has demonstrated the efficacy of massages for specific discomfort, we will tell you about some techniques to give them to the back and thus relieve pain.

To begin with, it is important to perform percussion movements. They are brief and repetitive contact movements that are made with the different parts of the hand, and their objective is to produce a stimulating and compressive effect on the tissue. It should be done on the person’s back, between 2 and 3 minutes.

To do it well, you will have to keep your wrists relaxed and flex them. Make quick movements  that allow you to do the aforementioned tapotement technique . This will ensure that you don’t apply too much pressure.

1. Kneading technique

To put this technique into practice, you should do shorter circular movements and with more pressure.  In this way, you will improve circulation.

  • Use the palms of your hands, fingers, or knuckles ; making short circular movements.
  • These should start from the waist and not from the shoulders.
  • The frequency with which you should massage the back is 2 to 5 minutes.

2. Muscle lifting technique

To perform the muscle lift technique:

  • Close your fingers and keep your thumb away as if your hand were a lobster claw.
  • Then apply pressure with twisting motions and alternate them with a “windshield wiper” motion.
  • Do them from top to bottom as often as 2-3 times.

3. Fan technique

To do this type of massage, you will have to put your thumbs on the upper part of the back, under the neck and on both sides of the spine. Keep your thumbs extended and press gently toward your lower back.

Remember that to do this movement correctly  the pressure must go at an angle towards the feet and not towards the ground. The movements should be done from the upper back to the hips.

Also, don’t forget to massage the muscles on either side of the spine, but not on the spine itself. Remember that, if they are not given well, these massages can be dangerous.


4. Massages in the opposite direction

These massages are done by reaching the far hip with one hand and resting the other hand on the near hip. That is, you will have to pull one hand towards you while pushing the other away.

Don’t forget to repeat this movement three times. You should go up the back until you reach the shoulder area and then return to the original position. + Go ahead and try these massages to relieve back pain

Solve short-term pain with the help of these back pain massages

For short-term pain, these massages can be helpful in relieving back pain. But you have to do them with conscience; since they are capable of generating mild adverse effects in some cases.

Also, keep in mind that they are not a substitute for treatment for longer cases. And a medical consultation is vital to provide a proper diagnosis.

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