How To Clean Mushrooms Step By Step

Do you want to know how to clean mushrooms correctly? Learn the step by step in this article. These healthy foods can add flavor and flair to any dish. However, being fungi, they can have excess soil and bacteria.

There is no doubt that mushrooms are versatile foods because they combine well with other ingredients, but in addition to this they are nutritious, since they contain 90% water and 10% dry matter. According to a study published in the Chilean Nutrition Magazine, they have between 27 to 48% protein, 60% carbohydrates (especially dietary fibers) and between 2 to 8% lipids.

Likewise, they are functional foods because they contain bioactive compounds that produce health benefits, either in prevention or as adjuvants in the treatment of diseases. Therefore, ingesting these mushrooms is advisable. But first you have to make sure you wash them properly to avoid a foodborne illness.

How to wash mushrooms?

There are those who wash mushrooms in a similar way to fruits and vegetables, so it is common that you have heard that for this you have to leave them to soak for a certain time. It should be clear that washing them in this way will affect their texture, since they have a high percentage of water and will soften.

On the other hand, there are people who want to avoid this problem and preserve their consistency, so they resort to cleaning them with a cloth or only with their hands in the parts where you can see that there is dirt or dirt. Thus, there would be a high probability of ingesting some type of bacteria, such as  Salmonella or Escherichia coli , capable of causing diseases with diarrhea and vomiting.

Different types of mushrooms.

Steps to clean mushrooms the right way

The first thing you should do to wash mushrooms is to cut the trunk, since this area is where the greatest amount of soil accumulates. To do this, use a knife and cut the end. If you notice that there is excess dirt, cut them off on the hat too.

When you have removed all the logs, it is time to start cleaning the fungi one by one. Remember that due to their water content it is not advisable to put them to soak.

Now you have two options: one is to run them through water and with the help of your hands rub them, or wipe them with a cloth that is clean and moistened with water, making circular movements. In both cases, perform the maneuvers smoothly, checking that there is no dirt left.

If you ran them through water, let them drain and dry. If you notice that they still have traces of earth, put them back in the water, but do not resort to using the tap on the tap. You can use a toothbrush to make it better. You have to wash them one by one and not wet them or soak them in water all at the same time.

If you are in a hurry or do not have enough time to do it, there is one last option. In this case, you can place them in a colander and pour water under the tap for 5 seconds, but no longer than this time. Then you use the moistened cloth as explained.

Once you have completed the correct cleaning procedure, you can store them in the refrigerator or use them in the recipe of your choice.

How to store them after cleaning the mushrooms?

To store them, we advise you to use a paper bag instead of a plastic bag, since the latter leads to condensation and will make the surface of the fungus have a kind of slime. In any case, if you don’t have a paper bag, leave the container you use open so that the air can circulate.

You can store them up to 3 days in the refrigerator or add some type of chemical preservative, such as potassium sorbate with citric acid or a 3% sulfite solution, as explained in the article “Edible mushrooms: theory and practice for collection, elaboration and conservation ”.

How to cut the mushrooms to add to your dishes?

This will depend on the recipe in which you want to use them, since you can cut them in one way or another to decorate or just complete the dish. We tell you how to do it and in what preparations you can incorporate them.

Mushrooms cut into quarters

It is as simple as taking a mushroom and cutting it in half. Then cut them in half again from the other end. You can use them in a recipe combined with vegetables or it is not necessary to achieve a certain aesthetic.

Sliced ​​mushrooms

To cut them in this way, it is best to put the mushrooms with the cap down and cut into more or less thin slices, according to your preference. This option is ideal to add on top of vegetable pies or tarts. This will give the plate a special decoration.

Chopped mushrooms

This is simple like chopping vegetables. Cut them into thick slices and then lengthwise with a knife. Do it until you get the chopped you want. In this way, you can use them to add to stews, to accompany sauce with vegetables or meats.

Cut of the trunk of a mushroom.

Cleaning mushrooms is an important step in the kitchen

Remember that mushrooms are mushrooms and have a delicate texture and consistency compared to vegetables. Of course, like all food, they must be washed correctly to prevent their intake from causing some type of disease.

You have the option of doing it with a cloth dampened with water. Also immerse them for a minimum time and clean them with your hands. Ideally, in either case, you make sure that they have been left without dirt or dirt.

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