How To Avoid Hair Loss

The fall of the hair is a common problem in both men and women. It occurs due to factors such as genetics, the deficiency of some vitamins and minerals, anemia, stress, hormonal changes or the consumption of certain medications, among others.

In general, a person loses about 100 hairs a day. This is normal. But  when hair falls out excessively and doesn’t regenerate at the same rate, it is possible that something else is happening in our body.

Therefore, we must act immediately to avoid complications.

Tips to avoid hair loss

When hair loss occurs due to a hereditary factor or a serious disease, finding a solution is more difficult. But if it is due to nutritional deficiencies, an unhealthy lifestyle or stress, with these simple tips you will quickly notice the change.

Healthy diet

Autumn fruits and vegetables

Maintaining a good diet is very important for hair health. It is important to include in the diet foods rich in iron and zinc, essential micronutrients to maintain strong hair follicles. The  consumption of foods rich in vitamin A, B12, C and D is also recommended.

It is convenient to reduce the consumption of unhealthy fats and include more raw foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

Avoid excessive heat

The use of irons, dryers or tweezers, and direct exposure to the sun, are factors that weaken the hair and favor its fall. It is important to control the use of this type of device and try to protect the hair from the sun at times when it is very intense.

Use the right products

There are many hair products on the market, and many contain chemical compounds that can cause adverse reactions, such as hair loss. It is important to look for suitable products for our hair and scalp type.

Avoid using dyes

Shiny hair

Dyes contain chemicals that can weaken hair and promote hair loss. If you suffer from this problem, it is not recommended that you dye your hair.

Drinking water

Drinking water is one of the healthiest habits we can have and its benefits are not unrelated to our hair. By including water in the diet, we help strengthen hair, keep it hydrated and looking shiny.

Natural treatments against hair loss

Natural treatments against hair loss are a good option to reduce and prevent the problem.

Some of the natural products that we can use are:

aloe vera

Aloe vera against hair loss

This medicinal plant is ideal to help combat hair loss and promote hair growth. You can apply aloe crystal all over the scalp and let it dry. After a few hours it can be removed with plenty of cold water.

Carrot and coconut oil

The combination of these two ingredients is a traditional remedy that can help reduce hair loss. It should be mixed in equal amounts, carrot juice and coconut oil. The liquid is applied to the hair and scalp, left to act for about 15 minutes and finally rinsed off with cold water.


Egg to reduce hair loss

Eggs are an important source of vitamin E, necessary for healthy skin and hair, but it is also rich in many other essential nutrients. In addition to including more eggs in your diet, you can apply egg yolk to your scalp, leaving it to act for about 30 minutes before rinsing.


This traditional treatment should be left on overnight. Due to its properties, it can  strengthen hair, prevent hair loss and help keep it shinier. Cut a garlic in half, rub it into the scalp with gentle circular massages, then apply a little olive oil and cover it with a cap or bag.

The next day, rinse with plenty of water and apply a shampoo that neutralizes the smell of garlic.

However, if your hair falls out excessively, it is recommended that you consult a doctor to rule out hormonal problems or nutritional deficiencies.

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