Face Your Fears Before They Consume You

Do you know that the sole purpose of your fears is to help you grow and overcome yourself every day? If you keep running from them you will never be free

Before they consume you and destroy what is left of you, you must face your fears.

Because we can only solve a fear by facing it. Escaping from it is a common attitude, but it will not bring results.

You want to run away, it’s normal. However, that feeling of terror that approaches you has a reason.

Maybe you are not going the right way. Maybe you are not being as happy as you can be.

Your fears help you, believe it or not. However, if you don’t welcome them in the right way, they will kill you.

Face your fears to be free


When a situation causes us fear, we tend to avoid it even though we are not really in a position to do so.

You may even have caused it yourself. How can this be?

From our earliest childhood we carry traumas, problems and a series of wounds that will affect us in the future.

Think, for example, that if you have suffered some kind of affective deficiency, the most normal thing is that you are an emotionally dependent person who suffers from abandonment anxiety.

Many times you will not realize why you are suffering so much, why you are so afraid of something that you cannot identify.

However, when you analyze this circumstance in depth, you will realize that not facing up to your fears has robbed you of your freedom.

Now is the time. Face your fears because they are like a prison that you have allowed to build around you.

Do not be afraid of fear

It seems unreal, but many times we are afraid of fear itself. A situation that does nothing more than become the whiting that bites its tail.

To avoid all this, it is necessary that we internalize some advice that will give us the necessary strength to face our fears. Because sometimes we lose them along the way.

  • Discover the origin of your fright : We know that it causes panic to turn our gaze towards all those moments that we want to leave behind. However, they are the reason for everything that is happening to you.

Make an effort, even if it hurts, to find the root of your fear.

  • It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. You will fall many times before achieving what you want. However, if you persevere and rely on those you love the most, you will definitely get up.
  • Never settle. You do not deserve what is happening to you and you should not adapt to this new circumstance. You have the right to be happy, so do not settle and fight against what causes you so much uneasiness.

    Face your fears because they have a reason


    Now that you know that escaping is not the solution, it is time for you to know that your fears have a role.

    The fact that they appear in your life and that they do not leave of their own free will is because it is in your hands to change what is preventing you from moving forward.

    There is something that you are not doing right and it does not matter that you seek to blame others.

    If those around you are toxic people, what do you do allowing them to be part of your circle of friends? Why not put on a protective shield in case you can’t avoid them?

    It is much easier to hold others responsible for what happens to us, because facing your fears is complicated.

    However, this is an erroneous belief.

    You are allowing it to affect you; if they hurt you repeatedly it’s because you admit it.

    The question of “how am I going to want to be hurt?” Will appear in your mind. However, all those problems that you did not solve at the time, all those traumas, those insecurities, accompany you.

    You allow certain attitudes because your self-esteem is not as strong as you think and because, sometimes, you think you deserve it.

    If you continue on this path, you will end up self-destructing, consuming yourself, and being unhappy. Your fears are there to help you, not to torment you and run away from them.

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