Discover How To Learn To Swim In The Sea With These Tips

The sea is the source of inspiration for poets, one of the greatest tourist attractions, the livelihood of thousands of sailors, an area for travel, cruises, inspiration and relaxation. And it also offers us one of the simplest and most comforting pleasures in life: swimming in its waters. If you have not had the opportunity yet or you feel a certain fear, we give you some tips to learn to swim in the sea.

Discover in this article how to learn to swim in open water. It is very important that we know what precautions to take and the risks that we must prevent to make the experience safe and enjoyable.

Learn to swim in the sea with caution

Although we should not be afraid, we must develop a very high level of respect and caution when learning to swim in the sea. Many are the people who, through recklessness or ignorance, have lost their lives swimming in the open sea. For this reason, to avoid scares, there are safety guidelines that you must know and respect.

The danger of swimming in the sea is the water currents  that carry the swimmer out to sea or submerge the swimmer towards the seabed. For this reason, first of all, we must know how the current circulates and the way to exit if it happens to us:

  • Don’t get nervous or panic.
  • Don’t try to swim against the current. In this way you would only be able to spend all your energy.
  • Always practice swimming accompanied by another person and near a lifeguard post.
  • Respect the indications of the rescue station. In many places the degree of safety or danger of the bathroom is indicated according to the color of the flag.
  • If the current drags you, swim parallel to the shore and, when it decreases in intensity, take the direction to leave the sea.
  • If you’re exhausted, try waving your arms or yelling for help.

Swimming classes

As obvious as it may seem, it is very important to take some classes to learn how to swim in the sea. It is convenient to start in a more controllable environment such as the pool, where there are no factors of difficulty as in the sea:

  • Ocean currents
  • Water temperature
  • Wave and buoyancy difference
  • Fears
  • Less security check
  • Jellyfish

Swimming is a sport in which the technique we use completely determines the result. Well-executed movements can save us a lot of effort in each stroke. In this way we will be able to obtain the great benefits of this sport, which stands out because it works the whole body.

In this sense, a swimming monitor can correct the posture and alignment of the body when swimming. A few swimming lessons will serve us for the rest of our lives and it is not a very expensive investment. It is worth doing them, in addition, to gain self-confidence and to be able to enjoy doing it.

Safety buoys

It is convenient to insist a lot on safety when swimming in the sea. A great tip, in addition to always being accompanied, is to purchase an inflatable safety buoy. They have a striking color essential for them to visualize our location, they are tied to the waist with a strap and, in addition, they are used to carry small objects (keys, telephone, etc.)

The buoy gives us some peace of mind, as it guarantees us to be afloat if we get exhausted while swimming or lose control. If we want to learn to swim in the sea as a sport, that is, something more than a summer dip, we must buy this safety element.

Learn to breathe

Finally, before starting to swim, we must learn to breathe correctly. We must get used to breathing on the surface and hold our breath with our head submerged for several strokes. Many people use nose clips to always breathe in and out through their mouths.

Above all, do not forget that swimming in the sea should be an activity to enjoy nature while working to get in shape. It is important to always act with caution and common sense, but we cannot do it with an attitude of fear. Start swimming and you will conquer the feeling of lightness and freedom that only sea water can give us.

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