Contributions Of Having A Pet At Home To Our Health

Having a pet at home benefits your health a lot.  Whether it is a dog, a cat or another animal, their company will bring you many benefits, surely more than you imagine. We talk to you about them.

Benefits of having a pet at home

1. Therapeutic benefits

There is research that indicates that pets have a favorable impact on the behavior of children with special socialization conditions. Plus, it helps them focus and focus on what they need. If there is a child at home with Asperger’s or similar conditions, a pet will help.

It is proven that companion animals are of great help in managing emotional problems such as trauma, difficulties with anger management or stress. They have even been found to be helpful for people who have been through highly traumatic events such as wars or physical attacks.

Patient in a hospital with her pet

2. Increase immunity

Animals carry certain germs, and people around them are exposed to these microorganisms on a daily basis at a healthy level. Therefore, the immune system is strengthened. Thus, they tend to get sick less than those who do not interact with animals on a regular basis.

This means that, contrary to popular belief, children exposed to the company of a pet are less likely to develop allergic conditions throughout their lives.

3. Increase your positivity

By being exposed to the energy of a loving pet, people become much more optimistic about the present and the future.

In addition, they feel excited and with a very strong affective bond, thanks to the fact that, when being close to a pet, a person’s body secretes oxytocin : the hormone that creates affectionate relationships.

Happy woman with her pets

4. They detect low sugar levels

In the case of dogs, it has been revealed through several scientific studies that many of them are able to recognize if their owners’ insulin levels drop significantly.

Thus, when they detect modifications, they transmit it through changes in their behavior. If you have diabetes, having a dog will keep you alert and could even save your life.

5. They keep you in shape

When a person commits to having a pet, these encourage them to create habits that will make them much more active than if they did not have one. A dog at home every day will want to take a little walk down the street.

This implies that his owner must accompany him and he will be obtaining a benefit for his health. It will be impossible for a dog owner to maintain a sedentary lifestyle.

Boy running with his dog

6. Your social life is more active

People who have pets are related to others who also have them. Whether it is when they are taken for a walk, when they share opinions about food or when they go to the vet, among many other occasions, conversations are generated.

Having a pet by your side will mean that you will no longer feel alone at home and that, in addition, you can promote your social relationships.

7. Your heart will be healthier

By being in contact, both the pet and its owner feel much more relaxed. This dramatically lowers your blood pressure and heart rate, giving your heart more life.

In addition, those who have pets tend to have better control of their cholesterol level. Therefore, if they go into cardiac arrest, they are more likely to survive.

Girl with her dog

8. They can help a person with seizures

There are groups that are convinced that dogs can be trained to recognize significant changes in people with epilepsy. Thus, they could detect a possible seizure even before it happens.

Although this is not completely proven, it is true that a pet is an unconditional support for a person with this condition.

9. They help with your anxiety

By being around a pet, people have a better chance of controlling possible anxiety attacks and staying stable for much longer than people who do not have animals around them.

Having a pet at home undoubtedly improves the lives of all family members. They are especially recommended in the case of children. And, if they have any special conditions, your pet will learn to be of great help.


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