Are You Right-handed Or Left-handed? This Is What Your Dominant Laterality Means

Certainly you are not born right-handed or left-handed, but we become such from early childhood.  There is still no exact explanation of why some people are right-handed and other people are left-handed.

What many studies do agree on is that this could be due to a genetic condition. For example, if the left-handed person has a family history, that is, being right-handed or left-handed is influenced by genetics and the conditions in which we grow up.

Laterality is the authority of one side of our body over the other, especially in skills or strength. Most people have a dominant side and few are ambidextrous, meaning they have mixed dexterity.

The theory of brain dominance suggests that each individual has a dominant hemisphere, which will determine effective movement. Right-handed people have the left hemisphere as the dominant and left- handed people have the right hemisphere as the dominant.

Each of the symmetrical hemispheres of the brain has different functions for which each has a specialty. The important thing is to be clear that both work in all these functions, contributing to each of our interpretations and responses.

  • The left hemisphere is commonly called “symbolic” or “logical”, as it is responsible for language and the sequential processing of information.
  • The right hemisphere is known as “visual”, “postural” or “holistic”, as its function is to process corporeal-spatial information, works with visual images and controls holistic functions.

Right-handed or left-handed? Some differences


Having clear the issue of the dominant hemispheres between left and right handed people, it is worth highlighting some curiosities that make the difference between the two.

  • Left-handed people tend to have more skill in some sports, since the right hemisphere is more specialized in spatial vision tasks, which give it the advantage of being able to control the movement of the limb and the vision of the play from the same side.
  • Several studies have also determined that left-handed people could be more creative, since the right hemisphere of the brain is linked to genius and creativity.
  • Left-handed people have a great advantage in terms of mastering their right laterality, because in a world thinking for right- handed people, left-handed people have been forced to train their brain to overcome everyday difficulties.
  • Right-handed people have many skills in their right laterality, but it is more difficult for them to want to use their left laterality. In most cases, the left laterality of right-handed people can only be used with the support of the dominant laterality, that is, the right laterality.

    Exercises based on the dominant hand

    Surprisingly, the dominant side of our body could have an effect on the lifestyle we must lead. According to naturopathic physician Dr. Elmie Ragas, the dominant hand can tell the person the correct way to move and exercise.

    When done correctly, exercise is rewarding and energizing; otherwise, the exercise will end up being very strenuous.

    Recommended exercises for right-handed people

    • Place a chair in front of you and use it for support. Start lifting your leg for a second and lower it. Do 5 reps and then do it with the other leg.
    • Get on the floor with your knees bent forward, making sure both knees are at a 90-degree angle and with your hands flat on the floor. After adopting this position, move your knees and do five repetitions.
    • Place your hands and knees on the floor, making sure your back is straight. Raise your right leg and hold this position for about 10 seconds. Then do the same with the other leg and complete three repetitions.

    Recommended exercises for left-handed people

    • Spread your legs so that they are wider than your shoulders. Now try to get as low as possible, but without adding tension to your upper body. Hold this position for a few seconds before straightening your back again.
    • Next, stand with your feet together, straight. Now, go down and try to make the face touch the legs, like doing stretching exercises.

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