9 Reasons To Eat An Apple And Be Healthier

Did you know that the apple is an ideal fruit to regulate the appetite? In addition, thanks to phosphorus it helps us fall asleep and improve memory.

Apples are found in multiple varieties around the world and, today, they are known to be very healthy fruits, which also produce satiety.

For many years they have been used as a base ingredient to prepare multiple recipes, since their flavor goes very well in salads, drinks, desserts and other preparations to delight the palate.

Despite this, today there are many people who do not include it in their diet or who do not know how beneficial it can be when it is eaten regularly.

So that you do not hesitate to buy them the next time you go to the market, below we are going to reveal the 9 reasons why eating an apple a day will help you be healthier.

Woman eating an apple

1. Regulates intestinal function

The peel of the apple contains a substance called ‘pectin’, a type of soluble fiber that, in short, helps regulate intestinal transit and, therefore, purify the body.

Each piece of apple can provide up to 5 grams of fiber. 

By regulating intestinal function, pectin binds to bile acids (a product of cholesterol breakdown) and facilitates their expulsion through the stool.

As consumed, the apple can  act as a natural antidiarrheal or a mild laxative. Thus, on the one hand it is used for cases of colitis or gastroenteritis (as long as the doctor has been consulted) and, on the other, it is ideal to deal with constipation (when cooked).

2. Clean the arteries

Pectin continues to be one of the most prominent components of this fruit, since according to various investigations, it also helps to keep the arteries ‘free’; that is, it protects the cardiovascular system. How do you get it? Improving cholesterol metabolism.

In addition, its antioxidants (such as catechins and quercetin) protect the cardiovascular system, in general, by promoting its elasticity. 

3. Helps to lose weight

It cannot be said that an apple is a natural “fat burning” food, because so far there is no scientific evidence to prove it. What we can say is that it is an ideal fruit to support the diet when it comes to wanting to lose weight, since it improves digestion.

The apple is a very low-calorie fruit and due to its high content of slow-digesting fiber, it provides a feeling of satiety that prevents excessive food intake.

Apples help you lose weight

4. Control blood sugar

Just as regular consumption of apples helps improve cholesterol metabolism, thanks to pectin and methionine, it also helps control blood sugar. How do you do it? Delaying the absorption of glucose in the intestine.

5. Take care of dental health

In view of its high calcium content, the apple is also ideal for caring for dental health. When biting the fruit, a movement is produced that favors the production of saliva, which helps to clean the teeth. Hence, this fruit has earned the nickname “nature’s toothbrush.” Of course, it does not ensure complete and proper hygiene. The movement that is made when biting the apple also favors the strengthening of the jaw.

6. Good for the bones

Calcium is not the only mineral that bones require to be strong and healthy. The apple can be very useful for this purpose, since it provides boron, a mineral with an important role in the bone system. It is also rich in potassium, an essential mineral for the balance of the body.

7. Improve your brain health

A powerful antioxidant known as quercetin is concentrated in apple peel, which could be very powerful in protecting brain cells against oxidative damage, according to several studies. Therefore, eating an apple a day could help maintain good memory and prevent neurological damage.

8. Improves the quality of sleep

This fruit is believed to have a mild sedative effect due to its phosphorous content.  Phosphorous is a highly recommended mineral for preventing brain damage and memory loss.

Sleeping woman

9. Reduces the risk of strokes

The antioxidant compounds and nutrients in apples may lower your risk of having a stroke or stroke.

This concluded a study by scientists at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, who showed that people who ate a large amount of apples (along with white fruits and vegetables) lowered their risk of stroke.


Eating an apple a day can be very beneficial for your health, but remember to incorporate other fruits into your diet to maintain a balance. 

When it comes to preparing apples for desserts and drinks, try to moderate the amount of sugar and sweeteners you add, as this can be counterproductive when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight.

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