9 Incredible Benefits You Get From Eating Bananas

Bananas can help us when we are trying to lose weight, since they reduce anxiety and avoid the intake of other caloric foods.

Fruits are ideal foods to complement a healthy diet. They provide fiber, multiple vitamins and minerals, but also a good dose of antioxidants and other nutrients that contribute to the health of the entire organism. Now, what benefits can eating bananas bring?

Benefits of eating bananas

Bananas are one of the most consumed fruits on the entire planet. Even though a few decades ago it was considered that they were not recommended in many cases because “they could promote weight gain” (being a source of calories and fructose). However, it has already been shown that this is not the case and that its consumption has more advantages than disadvantages.

Today we know that it is a food with a high nutritional value, suitable for all types of diets. For example, they are a great source of potassium and pectin, a type of fiber that supports the body’s digestive functions. They also provide magnesium and vitamins C and B6 that strengthen the health of the bone, muscle and nervous system.

1. Fight constipation

Fiber consumption is essential for intestinal transit and digestive processes. In this sense, as bananas provide a significant amount of fiber, they are ideal for regulating intestinal transit and fighting constipation. But yes, they must be consumed within a proper diet.

Not because of eating bananas, constipation will disappear instantly. Keep in mind that you have to consume other foods rich in fiber, avoid others -which can make the case worse- and along with all this, drink plenty of water and exercise.

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2. Promotes weight loss

Eating bananas satiates the appetite, which in turn helps mitigate the craving for eating and snacking on any food rich in sugar or saturated fat between meals. For this reason, it can be useful to promote weight loss.

On the other hand, being rich in fiber, they help to make digestion and regulate intestinal transit, which in turn allows the expulsion of waste, the reduction of inflammation of the belly and the feeling of having a less “bulky” silhouette.

“In addition, the banana contains inulin and other fructooligosaccharides that are indigestible by intestinal enzymes, which reach the final tract of the intestine and have beneficial effects on intestinal transit,” explain the experts from the Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN).

3. Helps improve mood

Bananas are foods rich in fiber that, although they can help us satisfy our appetite, replenish energy, and prevent muscle cramps (due to their potassium content), they can also help us reduce stress levels.  Specifically for its contribution of tryptophan, which is then transformed into serotonin when processed.

Also, being a fruit that provides energy to the body, it helps to combat that feeling of fatigue and discouragement. Therefore, it is a fruit that is worth consuming when we are “down”. 

4. Protect the heart

Eating bananas is also beneficial for cardiovascular health. Specifically, for heart health. This is because they are foods rich in potassium, an essential electrolyte for the proper functioning of the heart, this food helps protect it.

Potassium is a mineral that contributes to muscle contractibility and the transmission of nerve impulses and is essential for the normal electrical activity of the heart “, explain the experts from the Spanish Heart Foundation.

An adequate level of potassium and a low level of sodium can reduce cardiovascular risks. This is explained because these levels help to lower blood pressure and improve circulation.

5. Helps control nerves

The benefits of banana for athletes

The experts of the FEN also indicate that ” the banana is a source of vitamin B6, which contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system “. On the other hand, vitamin B6 or pyridoxine helps -among other things- control high levels of homocysteine ​​in the blood.

Ultimately, eating a banana can help promote nervous system functions, lower stress levels, as well as promote rest.

6. Relieves in case of ulcers

Eating bananas is something that patients who have ulcers and problems with the gastrointestinal tract can do. Not only because of its smooth and easy-to-digest texture, but also because bananas help create a protective layer on the stomach and neutralize irritations caused by excess acidity.

7. Relieves heartburn

Eating bananas can also help to avoid that annoying acidity in the throat and mouth when you eat irritating foods, such as spicy ones, and also when you eat copious meals. This is because fruits have a mild antacid effect, neutralizing acidity and relaxing the digestive tract.

8. Helps protect the immune system

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Because of their vitamin C content, bananas can also help protect the immune system. Be careful, this does not mean that it will completely prevent possible colds, colds or flu, but that when it is consumed regularly within a balanced diet, the risk of suffering this type of health problems is reduced.

9. Helps take care of eyesight

Although the carrot is the food most associated with the care of eyesight, bananas can also play an important role. They can provide a certain amount of antioxidants and vitamin A, which is an essential nutrient for protecting the eyes.

Like other fruits, bananas help prevent macular degeneration, a serious disease that blurs central vision.

There are many ways to consume bananas, however, the best way to make the most of their contributions is natural. However, that does not mean that from time to time we cannot take advantage of them in other ways, such as in a delicious dessert, for example.

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