8 Tips For Toned Legs

Keeping your legs toned and firm is a wish of many people, both men and women, as it is considered one of the main physical attractions. The problem is that continuous hormonal changes – especially in the case of women – poor diet and sedentary lifestyle can affect the muscle and skin, causing them to lose strength and firmness. Although it is more common for it to develop after the age of 30, being overweight and other factors can accelerate its appearance.

The good news is that there are several ways to combat it, especially when the loss of firmness is in the dermis and not in the muscle mass. Therefore, in this article we share with you 8 recommendations for you to start fighting for those legs that you love so much.

1. Combine your exercises

Physical exercise is one of the most effective ways to get strong, toned and beautiful legs. The point is that you must learn to practice regularly and properly. It is also important to demystify the belief that a cardio routine is enough to work the muscle groups of this part of the body. Don’t forget to work out strength!

Exercise is essential to get firm legs

You need to adopt a high intensity training routine, which combines all types of interval exercises. Remember that you can visit our page for athletes if you want more information on this topic.

2. Go ahead and add more weight

When going from a sedentary lifestyle to physical activity, things should be done calmly and gradually, as an overexertion could cause injuries. However, as physical resistance is acquired, it is convenient to start adding more weight in each session to see the changes in less time. 

This allows the metabolism to work at a better rate, which does not adapt to that situation. In turn, it helps to optimize the state of the muscles.

3. Learn to eat healthy

A healthy and balanced diet is key to getting toned and strong legs. Hours of physical effort will be useless if eating habits are not improved. Excess body fat caused by a poor diet (based on processed foods and / or junk food) is one of the most frequent obstacles in the search for firm muscles.

eat healthy

Therefore, it is essential to give up foods that do not contribute anything from a nutritional point of view and, instead, increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables and sources of protein.

4. Increase water consumption

The daily consumption of water not only helps to keep the body hydrated but also promotes weight loss ( thanks to the elimination of toxins ) and the health of the muscles. In addition, it prolongs the feeling of satiety, improves the cellular oxygenation process and benefits the condition of the skin.

Thus, ingesting 6 to 8 glasses a day helps to achieve beautiful legs, both dermally and in muscle mass.

5. Do stretches

Stretching exercises are a necessary complement to keep your legs and muscles in perfect condition. These types of activities allow you to recover and enhance flexibility, relaxing the muscles and preparing them for the next session. It is recommended to practice them both before and after each routine.

Stretching exercises

6. Use cold water

Applying cold water jets on your legs is a good therapy to tone your skin and improve circulation. This is more hydrating than hot and helps the muscles relax after a tiring day or a high intensity routine.

7. Eat more protein

Although this recommendation is part of the good eating habits that should be adopted, it is necessary to make a special mention of it due to its importance in the health of the legs. And it is that the muscles need a significant amount of protein to grow and strengthen, which indicates that their consumption should be increased.

Increase protein

Some good sources of protein are:

  • Lean meats
  • Nuts
  • Fish
  • Dairy products.
  • Eggs
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Vegetables

8. Get a firming cream

The application of creams with firming properties is a great help to show off perfect legs. These products have components that improve the quality of the skin, since they reduce sagging and prolong its firmness. For its best effects, apply it from the bottom and apply light pressure with both hands as you go up.

As you can see, with simple habits you can start taking care of your legs so that they do not lose their beauty.

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