8 Reasons To Love Dance And Practice It Every Day

There are many reasons to love dance. There are those who value the musical style more or do it mainly for social reasons. Discover some of its benefits.

Among the reasons for loving dance stands out the pleasure that one feels when being infected by the happy rhythms that invite to move alone, as a couple and, even, in a group.

Since ancient times this activity has been practiced to perform rituals, celebrate events or express feelings. In fact, today some people find it easier to exercise to music than with gym machines.

For this reason, today dance is considered a sports discipline that provides various health benefits. Here we tell you what are some of these reasons that may encourage you to try it if you have not already done so.

What are these 8 reasons to love dancing?

Best of all, there is no age limit. In addition, it is a flexible exercise, with possibilities to be included in the daily routine and adapt to different personal tastes, physical states and available spaces.

Thus, we present 8 good reasons to love dance and practice it more regularly. You’ll be surprised!

1. Strengthen the muscles

Strengthen muscles

Dances such as ballet, salsa or bachata help tone the legs in a general way. For its part, flamenco in turn involves the arms.

That is, this activity requires the work of certain muscle groups that are strengthened by repetitive movements. This means that, with regular practice, physical endurance can be increased without suffering from fatigue or other unwanted effects.

For example, a study carried out by scientists from the University of Khon Kaen (Thailand) found results in this direction when applying a dance program of 3 weekly sessions of 40 minutes for a month and a half.

2. Helps to lose weight: another reason to love dancing

Dancing helps you lose weight

The faster and more cheerful the rhythm of the dance, the greater the caloric expenditure. In addition, as the authors of the research mentioned in the previous section indicate, a 40-minute routine performed at least 3 times a week helps us keep our bodies in shape.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight, dancing represents an interesting alternative to move and increase daily physical activity.

3. Improves cardiovascular health

Like other types of physical exercise, dancing helps to avoid cardiovascular risks. In this sense, a review published in 2009 in the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity  points out this advantage as one of the usual findings when applying dance to the adult population.

4. Increase flexibility, agility and coordination

Increase flexibility

The movements that are made while dancing help to enhance flexibility, agility and coordination. In fact, the work we have alluded to in the previous paragraph also shows that with this exercise it is possible to reduce the number of falls in older people.

5. More reasons to love dancing: it strengthens your bones

Dancing regularly could also strengthen bone density, which tends to decrease in women when they reach menopause (cessation of menstruation). This is also pointed out by the systematic review to which we have been referring.

6. Improves cognitive functioning

Dancing combines physical activity with learning complex sequences of steps and movements to be performed to the rhythm of music. Therefore, there is evidence that shows that it is an adequate exercise to prevent deterioration and train various cognitive skills.

Thus, a study carried out by Dr. José Manuel Cimadevilla and his team found that dancing is related to better performance in tasks that involve executive functions (planning, mental flexibility, inhibition, etc.) and spatial memory.

7. Provides a feeling of well-being

Provides a feeling of well-being

As a subset of physical activity, dancing may balance the levels of some neurotransmitters that are linked to optimal emotional mood.

Along these lines, a work published in 2017 in the journal Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews points out the role that exercise plays on the release of serotonin. This result is relevant since this hormone favors a more positive mood and, therefore, a greater sense of well-being.

8. Strengthens self-esteem: they are also reasons to love dancing

Dancing is also a way of expressing your feelings and your own personality. In addition, it allows us to connect with the body in a different way, helping us to overcome some insecurities and to know ourselves.

Therefore, as a review by Professor Tina M. Schwender et al. Points out, it is an activity that could improve self-concept and, in turn, favor the selfesteem of those who practice it. However, as these authors also indicate, more research is needed in this regard.

Ready to start dancing?

As we can see, dance is presented as a fun option to work with and shape the body. In addition, the benefits it brings are given both on the physical and psychological levels.

If you dare to try it several times a week, you may end up incorporating it into your daily routine … You’ll tell us!

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