8 Properties Of Black Cumin Seeds

Thanks to its contribution of nutrients and anti-inflammatory compounds, black cumin seeds can be a great ally for our health, especially cardiovascular and respiratory

Black cumin seeds, also known as blessed seeds or ajenuz, are a herbaceous plant that belongs to the Ranunculáceas family .

Although these are originally from Syria, their crops spread throughout the Mediterranean basin. At present, we can also find them in Africa, Asia and the Arabian peninsula.

For centuries they have been valued for their medicinal applications, which come from their high content of natural oils, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory active ingredients.

These properties, along with its vitamins and minerals, can help protect the body against various diseases. If you want to take advantage of them, you can thanks to various culinary uses of this plant, as well as through natural remedies, very useful against some ailments.

In this article, we share with you 8 of its properties so that you do not hesitate to consider them as a possible alternative. Now, remember that cumin is just a supplement. It can never constitute a medicinal substitute, and that, in any case you should call your doctor. 

With this warning given, it’s time for you to discover the many benefits of black cumin seeds!

1. They help control cholesterol

Black cumin seeds can help fight cholesterol.

The unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants in black cumin seeds can act positively on cholesterol.

Its assimilation in the body helps to remove the lipid that accumulates in the arteries and, therefore, helps to avoid arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure problems.

2. They help eliminate heavy metals

In our body, heavy metal particles can accumulate. If not eliminated, they can influence the appearance of chronic diseases.

Black cumin has a powerful phytochemical known as thymoquinone, which helps remove these residues to keep blood and cells healthy.

3. They are useful for respiratory health

Black cumin seeds are useful against some respiratory problems.

The organic oils that black cumin seeds contain have antihistamine, expectorant, and antibiotic properties. These  can help protect respiratory health from attack by infectious agents such as viruses and bacteria.

Thus, for example, its application and consumption can reduce airway congestion and help control the excessive production of phlegm.

In fact, they can sometimes  be an adjunct to the treatment of respiratory disorders such as asthma or bronchitis. Now, never forget that the diagnosis of a professional is the one that must prevail in any case.

4. Black cumin seeds: allies against insomnia

For its calming properties, black cumin seeds have been used in traditional medicine as an alternative treatment for sleep disorders.

Its assets help control the symptoms of anxiety and stress and, in turn, participate in the secretion of hormones that help regulate circadian rhythms.

5. They are useful to prevent obesity

People who include black cumin seeds in their diet tend to have a lower risk of being overweight and obese.

Although it is not a miracle fat burning ingredient, its antioxidants and oils help decrease the accumulation of fat around the waist and hip circumference.

Some of the compounds they contain, such as thymoquinone, or omega 3 fatty acids, contribute to the stimulation of the metabolism and support the processes that transform fat and sugars into energy.

6. They promote skin healing

The essential oil obtained from these cumin seeds is an effective supplement to promote skin healing, especially against superficial wounds and burns. This is due to these reasons:

  • Its antiseptic power helps prevent infections in injured areas. By the way, its antioxidants support the regeneration process.
  • In addition, it is useful in order to maintain stable collagen levels. This  is key to keeping your skin healthy.

7. Help reduce rheumatic pain

Some rheumatic pains can be relieved with black cumin seeds.

The omega 3 fatty acids, together with the antioxidants and essential minerals that cumin contains, can help relieve rheumatic pain caused by inflammation of the tissues.

Both its consumption and its external application can help reduce the severity of the pain. In addition, they contribute to improving blood circulation in the affected areas, which is decisive in curbing symptoms.

8. They are a supplement that helps reduce the risk of cancer

Due to its high concentration of thymoquinone, omega 3 and carotenes, cumin seeds could function as complementary foods that help us prevent cancer.

These essential nutrients help protect cells from oxidative stress damage and also help remove toxins.

For this reason, it can also be useful to reduce the risk of suffering some cancers such as lung or kidney; as well as those of the prostate, liver, colon or skin.

Pay a lot of attention!

It is important to mention that this property may vary in each patient, since it acts according to their other lifestyle habits.

On the other hand, more research is required to see how it works against cancer cells. In addition, it is necessary to know that prevention does not mean cure. Products like cumin seeds can never end cancer or stop it from developing. 

They are only a complement that can help us prevent it. Therefore, we remind you again of the need to consult a doctor if you think you could be facing a serious health problem. 

Do you include this spice in your diet? If you still do not benefit from its properties, buy it in herbal stores and supermarkets, and incorporate it into your favorite dishes.

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