8 Foods You Can Never Feed A Baby

The list of foods that you can never give to a baby is often very useful for new mothers. And it is that when your child grows up, you strive to take care of him and protect him in an integral way. The most complete and nutritious food for your child is breast milk.

However, it is also necessary to incorporate other elements into your diet. Thus, they will provide the necessary nutrients according to the stage of development in which it is. The ideal age to start complementary feeding is from six months of age.

In general , a baby’s complementary diet usually includes simple and light dishes such as fruit or vegetable porridges. However, it is essential that you take into account some foods that you can never give your child, as they could be harmful to the body.

Foods you can never give to a baby under 12 months

There are some foods that mothers should avoid in their babies’ diet. Here we present a list that will serve as a basis for feeding your little one well.

1. Sugar

The 8 foods you can never feed a baby include sugar.

The harmful effects of consuming too much sugar are well known. Therefore, avoid sweetening the porridges and drinks, since you will be accustoming him to consuming sweet foods. A month-old child has not fully developed his palate, so he does not distinguish between a sweet and a tasteless food.

If you still want to sweeten your baby’s meals, we advise you to use mashed banana or a little breast milk, in this way you can avoid the early appearance of cavities.

Introducing simple sugar in the foods you offer can negatively affect their health in the medium and long term, according to a publication in the  Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition. It is important to avoid this substance to reduce the risk of diabetes in the little ones.

2. Honey

Although it may seem like a natural option to sweeten your baby’s food, it is not advisable to substitute sugar for honey. The ingestion of honey in young children has been associated with the development of botulism, an intestinal condition that will promote constipation in your baby and make it difficult for him to feed from your breast.

This is indicated by an investigation published in the journal  Lakartidningen , where it is proposed that this food should not be administered to children under one year of age.

3. Salt

Like the two previous foods, salt is used to enhance the flavor of foods and it is harmful to include it in your baby’s diet. It is a food that you can never give to a child under 1 year old because it threatens the child’s kidney health.

A baby’s kidneys are not developed enough to handle high amounts of sodium efficiently. This food can be included in a moderate way after twelve months of age.

4. Large fish and shellfish

Although fish is considered a very healthy protein, it is not recommended for babies. Some species of fish contain a high content of mercury that can affect the nervous system of the child.

The intake of prawns, prawns and other crustaceans is also not recommended, due to their cadmium content, which can affect the development of kidney function.

5. Low-fat dairy products

Although breast milk should not be substituted for milk of any kind, it is wise to give your child some sources of healthy animal fat. These include yogurt and non-fat cheese in moderate amounts.

You should avoid feeding it with skim products, since they have undergone numerous modifications to suppress excess fat and this is what provides a source of essential vitamins and calories for your little one.

6. Some vegetables

The 8 foods you can never feed a baby include spinach.

It is true that your child should consume vegetables and vegetables to support the body with the nutrients and vitamins that they have. However, among the foods that you can never give to a baby are the following:

  • Algae.
  • Chard.
  • Spinach.
  • Borage

These vegetables have high concentrations of nitrate, which can cause methemoglobinemia. This ailment is characterized by the bluish coloration of the skin. It also affects the mucous membranes and causes a lack of oxygen in the blood.

7. Beverages containing caffeine

Some mothers don’t know how harmful feeding caffeinated beverages can be to babies, so we include them on the list.

Coffee, soft drinks, and tea contain high concentrations of caffeine and other additives that suppress the absorption of iron and calcium. They are also responsible for the overexcitation of the child’s nervous system.

8. Commercially available nuts and snacks

Nuts are part of the foods that you can never give to a baby under one year old, as they can trigger problems such as suffocation in the little one. These products can be included in your child’s diet after five years of age and always under supervision.

Nor is it advisable to promote the consumption of potato chips, bakery cakes or other commercially sold products. These often contain large amounts of sugar and other additives that are not good for your baby’s health, according to research published in the journal Advances in Nutrition .

Take care of the baby’s feeding to prevent complications

It is essential to choose carefully the food that you will give to your little one. When it comes to including solids in their diet, you should know the benefits they bring to the health of your child.

Finally, in case of having doubts regarding the feeding of our baby, it is advisable to consult a specialist. Also, don’t forget to keep this list of tips in mind.

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