7 Simple Keys For Women With Little Hair

To achieve more abundant hair or, at least, give that feeling, we can choose some aesthetic tricks that help us achieve the desired effect

If you have very little hair or it is very fine and with little volume and, in addition, it gives you the impression that you are losing it, surely you are tired of this problem and of appearing to have little hair.

There are some simple tricks that can help you improve your appearance.

Although each person has a genetic load that offers specific characteristics and that we cannot change, we can help improve them.

In the case of hair, we can take into account some simple techniques. Take note.

7 simple keys for women with little hair

1. New cut

Long bob hairstyle.

If your hair is straight and without volume, a new cut may be the solution to your problem.

The best cut in this case is the long bob style . It is possibly the most suitable option to benefit the condition of your hair, since when it does not have much volume, it is best to keep it short.

In addition to offering shape and volume, it will help stylize your face.

Another option that is very useful in these cases of little hair is to cut it at the level of the jaw.

  • You should keep the front of the hair a little longer and always shorter in the neck area.
  • This offers a visual solution, as light shaping or shaving will make your hair appear fuller.

2. Layered cut

If your hair is medium long and short hair is not your best choice, then you can go for a beautiful layered cut. This will add more volume to your hair without the need to remove the length that you like so much.

A few simple layers will leave your worry behind. With this simple cut you will effectively hide the little hair you have. In addition, you will give it body and a little more movement that will make you look radiant.

3. Volume for short hair

short hair with volume

If you already look like a nice short hair, but it still does not have volume, we recommend that you do a simple carding or creping technique, which will serve to give volume to the upper part of the hair.

  • If you do not know it very well, what you should do is brush the hair towards the scalp while stretching it to give it a thick, full and messy hair effect.
  • To do this, you must have a comb that has very narrow prongs so that the technique is much better.

4. Color your hair

girl with californian highlights

With some highlights or beautiful highlights, your hair will have a greater contribution of light. This will certainly create an image of having much more volume.

Although you can choose the color of your preference, there are certain styles that are more appropriate, depending on the type of hair  of each woman, and the shape of the face.

  • As a general rule, putting a lighter color on your hair will give the feeling and the appearance of having more volume than with dark colors.
  • If you don’t like adding artificial dyes, you can use some that are of natural origin.

We recommend reading: dyeing your hair with natural extracts is possible

Thus, in addition to offering good properties for your hair to get thicker, it will provide color naturally.

5. Beauty products

beauty productsIf you thought that beauty products did not work, you are wrong.

To improve the amount of hair that characterizes you, you must collaborate using products specially designed for it.

  • Therefore, start by including special shampoo, oils and conditioners for hair loss and growth in your routine.
  • In the same way, according to this study carried out by the Innéov Laboratories, one of the most recommended keys is the intake of omega 3 and omega 6 supplements to promote hair growth and, incidentally, strengthen it.
  • In the market there are various brands that have been specially formulated for this. In addition, they can be complemented with bath treatments and styling creams.

6. Provides volume with waves

volume with waves


Waves are always a good option for these cases. They are easy to do and you can use them at any time.

You can even learn to make them yourself at home, and you will see that it is an excellent option.

7. New hairstyles

hair density

An alternative to add more volume to your hair and provide a sensation of density is to modify the hairstyle.

  • So instead of marking the part in the middle of the head, change it to the side.

Believe it or not, this simple technique will give you a feeling that your hair is a little fuller.

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