7 Good Reasons To Prefer The Menstrual Cup

As with tampons and pads, the menstrual cup must be changed every 6 or 8 hours, with the difference that it does not produce bad odors

The menstrual cup is an element that serves as an alternative to sanitary napkins or tampons that are used during menstruation. Now, why should women prefer the menstrual cup to other hygienic options?

Read on to find out all about the menstrual cup.

The menstrual cup

Gynecology experts agree that it is a very healthy tool for women, as it allows them to detoxify the chemical components that hygiene products used for the same purpose usually contain.

Currently, the cup is made of sensitive materials such as medicated silicone, since the use of latex generated unwanted allergic reactions.

Many companies have been interested in distributing them, so now there is more choice in shapes, colors and prices.

However, despite the fact that in recent years it has become known more than ever, there are still many who fear using them because they consider that it can be uncomfortable and unsafe.

The truth is that it is worth knowing this option more thoroughly, as it is cheaper and less aggressive for intimate health.

As we know that many are interested in acquiring it, below we want to highlight 7 important reasons why it is better than other hygienic elements.

Why prefer the menstrual cup

1. It is very safe

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The first reason to prefer the menstrual cup over other options is its safety.

The cup works just like a tampon, only instead of absorbing the flow, it collects it. This is then deposited in the toilet and the cup is washed to reinsert it.

At first it may seem tedious to insert and remove it, but in reality after two or three times it will be “a piece of cake”.

They are very safe, as they do not allow flow to spill over, even if doing yoga or Pilates movements.

In addition, they represent a better option in terms of intimate health, as they reduce the risk of cancerous diseases and vaginal infections.

2. It is comfortable

Contrary to what many people think, the cup is neither felt nor uncomfortable. In fact, unlike compresses, it is not noticeable and facilitates movement.

It can be used during the rest period and also to bathe in the pools without problem.

3. It is friendly to the environment

what are menstrual cups

With the use of sanitary pads and tampons, a very serious environmental impact is being caused, as they are products that produce tons of garbage. Undoubtedly this is another benefit that encourages preferring the menstrual cup.

As we have already said, menstrual cups are made with a medicated silicone that prevents allergies or other symptoms when having contact with the intimate part.

The best thing about using them is that they do not contain fragrances or chemicals and are 100% reusable. Its useful life is estimated to be up to 10 years.

This means that they are an ecological and healthy article, as it does not contribute to the pollution of the planet.

4. Saves you money

When buying boxes of tampons or sanitary napkins every month you have to invest a certain sum of money, which year after year represents a significant amount.

Although at the beginning the cup requires a greater investment, by the second month of use you will already be saving.

As we have already indicated, the product can be kept in perfect condition for years, as long as it is treated appropriately.

Of course, it must be clarified that some materials are designed to be changed once a year or earlier.

5. It is easy to clean

Greencolander menstrual cup

Depending on the amount of flow and the quality of the cup, it only needs to be emptied two or three times a day, that is, every 6 to 8 hours.

After this time, it must be extracted and washed with water and a neutral soap. This process is quite simple and does not require a special disinfectant.

Before and after the period, it is convenient to boil it in water for 8 minutes so that it is well sterilized.

6. Does not produce bad odors

Many women feel quite uncomfortable and embarrassed during the days of their period, since the flow in the compresses can give off a strong and easy to perceive odor.

By preferring the menstrual cup, this will not happen again, because the flow is not absorbed into the cup and therefore does not create an environment conducive to bacterial growth.

7. Does not alter the vaginal flora

Period pains

Most vaginal yeast infections have something to do with alterations in your bacterial flora.

As this product does not produce this effect, the vagina is 100% protected and there is less risk of developing these types of conditions.

However, if you are already suffering from a condition of this type, it is best to consult your gynecologist before using it.

As you can see, there are many advantages when choosing to use this silicone element instead of the classic products.

Go ahead and buy it at your nearest pharmacy and try it at least once so that your doubts are resolved.

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