5 Tips To Leave Your Pots Resplendent

When we talk about cleaning, many times we have the solutions in our own home without realizing it. A clear example is given when cleaning the pots; Did you know that you can achieve it with everyday items?

Often times, the pots that we use for cooking are left dirty with food residues that become really difficult to remove. If you have suffered from this problem, you surely know how frustrating it is. To avoid these headaches, here are some tips to leave your pots sparkling.

Many people have been careless to leave the kitchen on and completely forget about it. The result of this is usually a burnt meal and a wasted pot. From now on, they will not only look horrible to look at, but it will also be more difficult to cook in them.

Removing these food scraps is not always an easy task.  Here are some recommendations to make this mission easier for you.

Tips to leave your pots sparkling

1. Clean pots with baking soda

This trick is very effective for stainless steel pots that have stained over time. In these cases, what we must do is place a little water on a sponge and add a little baking soda.  Then, you have to scrub the pot with some force until the stains start to come out. After a rinse, it will be as good as new.

You can even remove bottom burns with the same procedure. For this, however, you will need to soak the pot before cleaning. As for many other cleaning tasks, baking soda is a very important element. Its main benefits are that it is a non-toxic, inexpensive and biodegradable agent.


2. Remove burns from a pot with baking soda and vinegar

It is a technique very similar to the previous one. To the innumerable benefits of bicarbonate, we can also add those of vinegar. You should take a cup full of vinegar, two tablespoons of baking soda, a sponge and water. Once you have all of this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Add water to the pot until the bottom is covered.
  2. Also add the vinegar and put it on the fire until it boils.
  3. When it reaches a boil, it’s time to add the baking soda.
  4. Let it work for a minute – don’t worry about bubbles – and then pour the water into the sink.
  5. Pass the sponge over the surface to be cleaned.
  6. For the exterior, fill the bottom of a cookie sheet with vinegar and a cup of baking soda.
  7. Put the pan in it and leave it there for 24 hours.
  8. Scrub it  using the sponge with vinegar and baking soda, and voila!

With this simple step-by-step, you will get your burned pot back to its best days. Best of all: you will regain its full functionality.

5. Clean porcelain pots

Porcelain pots are beautiful, but often difficult to clean as well. Here’s a tip on how to clean them easily with a little water and borax, also called boron salt.

You just have to clean the pot with a mixture of borax (1 tablespoon) and common detergent (1/4 cup) on a sponge. If, in addition, you let the pot soak just before cleaning with some water and borax, the results will be even better.

These tips for making your pots sparkle will save you money on expensive, health-damaging products. In addition, you can also give it other uses in the field of home cleaning. Try them and enjoy the results!

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