5 Tips Needed To Use Asthma Inhalers

People with asthma should go to a specialist to evaluate their case and prescribe the most appropriate treatment for their condition, as it must be personalized

The bronchial tubes become inflamed, the airways narrow, and the air entering the lungs is insufficient. This could be a summary of what happens during a crisis for a person battling asthma.

So amid this critical landscape, an inhaler can be the difference between a very dangerous situation and a return to normalcy.

  • In fact, the most effective bronchodilators can take as little as 5 minutes to reach their maximum potential for relief.
  • However, the effectiveness of this implement will depend on the correct use that the patient gives it during each attack.

Therefore, here we will explain 5 valuable tips to get the most out of inhalers and alleviate the effects caused by asthma.

There are several types of asthma inhalers


The first thing to know is that the market offers several models of dispensers. Each of these models is designed to adapt to the characteristics of very specific drugs. Therefore, its use will depend on the treatment imposed by the specialist doctor according to what each patient needs.

The secret to using a pressurized cartridge inhaler

This type of inhaler is practical and can be carried inside the backpack. There may be some complications in the mastery of the technique for the execution of the inhalations. Two basic aspects must be taken care of with this dispenser.

  • First, the patient should try to get the maximum amount of air contained in his lungs, just before taking the inhalation. This step may be a bit tricky in the middle of an asthma attack.
  • The second has to do with the synchronicity that must exist between the moment we inhale the medicine again and the moment we press the inhalation apparatus. This is what will allow a total and effective aspiration.

    Another version of this dispenser for asthma is the inhalation chamber, which does not require as much coordination during the feedings. The problem is that its large size makes it unwieldy.

    The dry powder inhaler requires strength and self-control

    The dry powder inhaler requires strength and self-control

    The dry powder dispenser is one of the preferred options for asthmatics. Now, this does not mean that this model does not have its own difficulties.

    • Those who use this implement are  forced to suck with great force and this could become somewhat painful.
    • In addition, one must learn to distinguish when the substance enters the pulmonary cavity or when it has not enjoyed sufficient impulse.

    The good news is that this inhaler is manageable and has an indicator to know what the exact dose is.

    Stick to asthma treatment to the letter

    The problem with many of the patients with asthma is that they acquire the bad habit of resorting to the medication with the sole intention of overcoming the cyclical crisis. This is a serious mistake that can be paid in spades.

    Stopping an inhalation treatment before the times prescribed by the doctor can lead to an unwanted relapse. On the contrary, continuing to the letter with the stipulations is what will guarantee an effect that is maintained in the medium term.

    Failure with the prescribed administration is very common in children. This is because the sensation of aspiration can be really annoying for them.

    Nebulizers have their tricks too

    Nebulizers have their tricks too

    The reality is that nebulizers were originally created to facilitate the controlled administration of medications in authorized healthcare centers. The commercial success of these was what generated their incorporation to the market and to asthma treatments.

    Using an inhaler is not something to be taken lightly. Patients who incorporate it into their daily lives should avoid self-medication and also know what the exact dose is required to treat their particular case.

    Added to this, the solutions have to be prepared within a few moments of inhalation. In short, this device requires accuracy, assistance, and some technical knowledge.

    Monitor posture

    Body position is essential to ensure effective use of the inhaler. Doctors recommend maintaining an upright posture, whether we decide to sit or stand.

    Raising your chin a little can go a long way. It helps to motivate a greater amplitude of the respiratory system and also its pathways. Once the aspiration is done, it is a priority to keep the air for ten seconds to prevent the drug from escaping.

    Performing each of these steps correctly will guarantee relief, relief and speedy recovery. Also remember that, if you suffer from this condition, it is vitally important that you go to a specialist.

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