5 Negative Consequences Of Sleeping Badly

Despite not being considered one of the healthy lifestyle habits for many, sleeping well is one of the most relevant practices in terms of preserving health. For this very reason, today we want you to know the negative consequences of sleeping badly.

Such is the importance of rest for the development of the human being that it is recommended to  sleep at least 7 hours for adults, as indicated by institutions such as the Mayo Clinic. However, the main problem not only revolves around the duration of the rest, but the quality of it.

Currently, the human being enjoys terrible nocturnal customs.  For example, the misuse of technology and all the time “invested” in it. However, the main objective of this article is to highlight the negative consequences of sleeping badly.

Negative consequences of poor sleep

Poor sleep can have many bad health consequences. Here are some of them:

1. Bad eating habits

Although it may seem a bit out of context, not getting a good rest while sleeping greatly affects eating.

Thus, sleep-deprived people tend to consume excessive amounts of food. Overweight and other diseases associated with it can arise from this habit .

So much so that there are several investigations that have seen a clear relationship between poor sleep and obesity, as indicated by a team of researchers from the University of Paris V Descartes.

Mr on the couch watching TV while eating a pizza

2. Negative consequences of poor sleep: lack of concentration

People with poor sleep habits are more likely to lose focus more easily. This is another of the negative consequences of sleeping badly.

For this reason, poor quality sleep can greatly influence the capacity of the senses. That is,  eye-hand and eye-foot coordination are not the best.

In that order of ideas, it is best to avoid carrying out complex tasks and try not to put physical integrity at risk.

3. Emotional imbalance

There is the possibility of noticing sudden changes in the way of reacting of those tired people. By not sleeping well, they tend to be in a bad mood.

In short, the most common thing in an individual of this type is to find him in a bad mood or with negative alterations in his mood, as indicated by research published in 2004 in the journal Physiology & Behavior .

Woman crying and in a bad mood as a result of her lack of rest

4. Physical impairment

This consequence is one of the most worrying. Although the aesthetic part is usually relevant for many, there are some individuals who see it as a whole, and of course it is one of the factors most affected by not sleeping well.

One of the functions of sleep is repair; At night, the body is responsible for improving the appearance of the skin, nourishing and moisturizing the tissues.

For this reason, when a proper ritual is not performed, this process is hampered and can cause a gradual deterioration of the skin.

5. Negative consequences of poor sleep: increases the probability of heart disease

The cardiovascular system is one of the most affected when you do not have good habits related to rest.

In the first place, the poor diet caused by this problem generates collateral damage to the coronary valves, since these are obstructed by the levels of fat.

And, secondly, hypertension occurs to a greater extent in those who sleep poorly, as indicated by the Spanish Heart Foundation. This is when the possibility of a heart attack increases.

Doctor holding an artificial heart

How to sleep properly?

To avoid these negative consequences of sleeping poorly, we would like to emphasize some fundamental points to improve this important habit.

  1. Quality:  A comfortable, pleasant and dimly lit place is recommended.
  2. Time: We cannot forget that, even if there is comfort or quality, if time is not enough to sleep it will not do any good.
    Experts on the subject recommend a minimum of 6 hours of sleep and a maximum of 9 in adults.

You know: rest as you should and avoid these problems that can result from poor sleep. Your body will thank you in every way!

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