5 Keys To Lose The Fear Of Relating To Others

Relating to others can become quite an odyssey. Sometimes, our experiences fill us with fears and doubts that limit us when communicating with strangers.

However, this could have several solutions. The first of them is to be aware of what is happening to us in order to begin to address the problem and stop becoming so self-conscious.

We all have fears, fears and doubts, but letting them overtake us will not make us grow, but will make us smaller as time goes on.

End the fear of relating to others

Putting together the right strategies to end your fear of relating to others can be difficult. That is why we suggest some below:

1. Don’t try to be perfect

Due to situations experienced in the past, you may have built up a great fear of rejection for being who you are. That is why you try so hard to be what others want, a distorted image that does not correspond to who you really are.

This tires, exhausts and generates great frustration, since it is most likely that, at times, you will continue to be rejected.

Do you know why this happens? Because you can’t please everyone, so stop trying so hard for something that isn’t paying off. Bet on yourself, because it will be a safe bet, and do not fear being rejected, since that does not mean anything about you.

2. Others are not better than you

Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem often slows down when it comes to relating to others. You may believe that you won’t fit in However, you have the worst of enemies within you. Do you know what it is called? Its name is comparison.

Since we were little they compare us and thus, when we grow up, we begin to learn to compare ourselves with others. This is a terrible mistake, given that comparing yourself to someone is a vain action. We are not the same, we all have defects and qualities.

There is no one who is a model to copy, but we ourselves have to seek and empower our own inner model.

3. Fear of relating to others: excessive worry that paralyzes

Both the fear of rejection and trying to give an image that does not correspond to who you are, or that fear of not fitting into a group, provoke thoughts that can lead to anxiety.

When anxiety lurks, you may begin to notice how you freeze. That cold sweat starts, your fear increases and you just want to run away. You are not helping yourself: you cling to those ideas that you consider true and that, in reality, are the result of negative experiences that you have not managed to overcome.

Let go: do not let what you have lived or experienced define you. You know who you are, you just have to start seeing yourself as you are.

4. Isolation is not a solution

When fear of relating to others takes hold of you and anxiety makes an appearance, you may think it’s a good idea to isolate yourself. This way, you wouldn’t have to deal with all the fears mentioned up to this point. However, what you gain you also lose.

If you isolate yourself, you will lose all the tools that help you to relate to others and, when you have no choice but to do so, you will not know how to communicate with someone, there will be uncomfortable silences and you will begin to feel a certain “phobia”.

What is not practiced is lost, so do not escape your fears because, in the end, you will have to face them. Will you do it now or will you allow them to grow stronger?

5. Trust again


Surely, on some occasion, one of the barriers that made it difficult for you to relate to other people was the lack of trust in them. A friend who turned his back on you when you needed it most, a partner who was unfaithful to you … There are several examples that have been able to harm you and make you lose faith in others.

However, this does not mean anything. There are good people to whom you can open your heart and who will not hurt you. However, to realize this, you cannot shut down. That fear of relating to others will prevent you from discovering wonderful people.

All fear will always turn against us; that is why it is important to look him in the eye, face him and defeat him. We are sociable beings, so it is important for us to establish healthy and fulfilling relationships.

The fear of relating to others can be overcome and we must begin to do so. Despite the fears, the worries, the anxiety. When that fear realizes that it is not influencing you, then it will lose strength and you will win the battle.

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