4 Habits That Make You Unhappy

To stop being unhappy you must start working on those little things that undermine your confidence and prevent you from moving towards a state of security that guarantees you happiness

Every day thousands of people feel depressed and empty. Although they seem to have good lives, they are not happy.   Have you ever felt that, despite having reached your objectives are you unhappy? It is not a matter of accomplishing more and meeting more goals. This may be because you focus entirely on the habits that make you unhappy.

Maybe you don’t notice it, but there they are, causing that, at the end of the day, we can only feel dissatisfaction. The first step in getting rid of this is to identify what habits are making you unhappy. Once you know them, you can work to eradicate them from your life.

1. Aim to “be perfect” and not “be happy”

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Many people are obsessed with the idea that in perfection is happiness and this is one of the main habits that make you unhappy.

If you start looking for flaws in your career, in your work, in your daily routine, in your friends, in your partner And even in your family, nothing is going to look good.

Start enjoying more of the activities you do every day.

Stop looking for mistakes in those around you and in other things and, in return, start to see the beauty in them. Errors and defects are what make each person and everything unique.

Do not place standards of perfection on yourself either, since you will never be able to meet them, because perfection does not exist.

Enjoy how you are and improve every day. Trying to be someone you are not frustrates you.

2. Getting stuck in the past and worrying too much about the future

Another habit that makes you unhappy is never enjoying the present.

Constantly regretting the mistakes of the past or asking yourself every day why things happened prevents you from moving forward.  

And it is that you anchor yourself to negative emotions, disappointments and everything frustrating that could be.

While you worry about what has already happened, you miss out on what is happening. In this way, some people spend years being increasingly unhappy.

Leave the past behind and start enjoying your present.

Always thinking and worrying about the future is another of the habits that make you unhappy.

While you worry about what will happen tomorrow, you miss out on what happens today. Enjoy the day to day and face the future with responsibility, but do not make it a burden.

If you are making this mistake, think that maybe you regret not having lived the past you wanted and that you have already planned what you wanted for today.

3. Compare your life with that of others


“If I were as beautiful as she was, I would stop being single”, “If I had her salary my quality of life would change”, “If my car were like hers, I would definitely have everything I need.”

These phrases and any similar ones are common in unhappy people.

We tend to think that the next door has a happier or fuller life just because we see the situation from the outside .

If we were able to see their fears , mistakes or sadness would surely change our perception radically.

Being happy depends on how you forge your happiness and in this, comparisons do not achieve anything.

Instead of wasting time in comparisons, define your goals and set an action plan to achieve them.

4. Set limits where there are none

It is quite surprising how many things many people believe they cannot do, compared to what they actually believe they can do.

Fear often stops us and makes us place limits on goals that we really want to achieve.  There are those who think that these limits are a way to be realistic.

This may be true in some respects. However, if you constantly set limits and choose them before believing in yourself, they become one of the habits that make you unhappy. .

These limits are usually caused by fear of failure  and for the doubts we have. These two things are very common in any human being and you should not feel guilty at all.

What you must do is overcome those limits. You will see that, over time, this becomes fun and challenging.

Free yourself from the habits that make you unhappy

We know that breaking free from the habits that make you unhappy is complicated. Even if you have every intention of doing it, there is always something on your mind that refuses to go along with it.

This is because you have learned to see things from a negative perspective.

So, identify the smallest negative habit you have and work on it . As you reduce these habits, your life will be happier.

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