3 Perfect Exercises To Do At Home

Lack of time and machines are not an impediment to physical activities. With these exercises you can train at home and stay in shape.

The running of the present time, added to all the activities or daily chores, make it a little more complex to carry out certain exercises to keep fit. However, it is usually a mistake to consider that doing a scheduled physical activity will take a lot of time, since there are exercises that are perfect to do at home.

In addition to the time factor, most people are also blocked on the subject because they lack the necessary implements. For example,  those without conventional machines avoid doing any type of exercise, which also ends up being a mistake.

Breaking down a myth about exercise

In the first place, the realization of a programmed physical activity has the objective of improving the physical conditions of a person. Exercise has a lot to contribute in this regard; As an online article from the Merck Manual explains, here are some benefits of physical activity:

  • Lowers blood pressure and improves circulation.
  • Supports cardiovascular health.
  • Lowers cholesterol levels.
  • It prevents overweight and reduces the chances of suffering from diabetes.
  • Strengthens muscles and improves bone health.
  • Produces a feeling of well-being and improves mood.

Last but not least, exercising favors physical appearance. It even becomes one of the main reasons why it is practiced today.

These series of objectives generate the appearance of various myths, among which one quite particular stands out: people, in general, believe that the more machines the better the results. However, individuals focused on achieving great results only need a little time, discipline and, without a doubt, the desire to do so.

3 exercises to do at home

The house, the perfect place

As we mentioned earlier, on many occasions the weather, the absence of specific elements and the lack of space can be an impediment to exercising.

However, this ends up being a mere excuse, since the comfort of the home, added to the desire and personal motivation, can be an excellent tool for exercising. Next, we suggest you know a series of exercises to do at home and improve physical condition.

1. Knee Raise

This first exercise is quite common when it comes to developing the body’s aerobic capacity; it is even often used to start different outdoor routines. However, it can also be done indoors.

Just as the name assures, in this job your knees should be raised as high as possible. Beyond this general indication, there are many ways to do it.

  • Symmetrical: it consists of taking a jump trying to bring the knees towards the chest. Do it smoothly and leaving a time of 1 second between each jump.
  • Asymmetrical: the goal remains the same: raise the knees to shoulder height. In this case, you should do it with one leg at a time, something similar to skipping or tapping in place.

2. Knees to chest horizontally

Knees to chest horizontally

In a sense, this second activity may be similar to the previous one. However, when trying to bring the knees to chest level, this time the movement will be done horizontally.

According to a study published in the Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation,  this exercise – also known as a climber or mountain climberfavors the strengthening of the abdominal muscles and the middle zone in general.

To begin, get on all fours, supported by the palms of your hands and knees; after that, support the metatarsals —the tips of the feet—, something similar to the figure for push-ups. Then bring your knees to chest level asymmetrically, one after the other, consecutively.

3. Burpees


All people know about burpees , and if you can’t tell them apart, it’s time to do it. Its great reputation is due to its great contribution to physical health. You do not need any type of accessory or machine to practice it, and the results are usually very good.

Although it is not very loved for the effort it demands, doing it at home is very simple, and that is why we add it to this list of exercises to do at home.

The burpee consists of an elbow flexion-extension, a jump and a kind of squat, all in a single repetition. First, the “push-up” is performed, and then we proceed to make the jump. Finally, you go back down doing a squat to start flexion-extension again.

Put the exercises to do at home to the test!

The exercises discussed above are excellent to perform in the comfort of your home and without the need for any machine. To put them into practice, it is recommended to wear comfortable clothes as a first measure, in addition to finding a comfortable and spacious space.

On the other hand, it is important to start with a few series to adapt to the body and gradually increase, especially in the case of beginners in the world of physical exercise. If you add to these jobs a routine planned by a physical activity professional, your quality of life will undoubtedly improve!

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