10 Curious Facts About The Female Body That Not Even Women Know

Apart from the obvious physical differences between men and women, both sexes are also distinguished in other aspects. Thus, for example, they have more developed ears and more nerve receptors.

The female body has been shrouded in mystery throughout history, not only because of its complexity, but also because of the role it plays both sexually and reproductively. Learn some curious facts about its operation.

10 curious facts about the female body

To understand the functioning of the female body, human beings have been based on multiple superstitions that, thanks to research, have been left in the past.

Today it is recognized that it does have certain peculiarities compared to that of men and, in fact, some of these characteristics are what determine their health and behavior.

Taking into account that many still do not know it well enough, today we wanted to collect 10 curious and unexpected facts.

1. The female heart beats faster

Woman's heart

A woman’s heart beats faster than a man’s, thus compensating for its smaller size.

While the weight of a man’s heart is, on average, about 280 g, that of a woman is around 225 g.

An adult woman has a heart rate of approximately 78 beats per minute, that is, 8 beats faster than in an adult man.

2. Women burn fat more slowly

Due to the functioning of their metabolism, women tend to burn less fat per day compared to men.

While there are many ways to stimulate these processes, they are considered to burn 50 fewer calories on average.

3. They have a stronger immune system


Women have stronger immune systems than men, but are still more prone to developing autoimmune diseases.

This has to do with the X chromosome, which has many genes related to immune health.

4. Your tongue has more receptors for candy

Another of the particular characteristics of the female body is that  they have more receptors for sweets than men.

Their fungiform papillae are more compared to those of males. Thus, this would be the reason why they identify flavors more easily.

5. The female body has more nerve receptors


Women have more nerve receptors than men, which is why they feel pain more intensely.

This particularity continues to be investigated, since it could be decisive for surgical techniques, treatments and drug doses for them.

6. Women blink twice

The act of blinking allows us to lubricate the eyes to protect them against foreign particles and bodies that can make them sick.

A woman blinks more often than a man due to higher estrogen levels.

This hormone plays a very important role in the secretion of fluids in the body, including the eyes.

7. Women have greater flexibility

Women practice gymnastics

Physically, women tend to have more flexibility in their joints, especially in the hip region.

This quality allows them to have a greater range of motion, for example when exercising or dancing.

This flexibility is even greater during the pregnancy period, since the hormones secreted at this stage loosen the connective tissues in the muscles.

8. The female ear better distinguishes high-pitched sounds

In various investigations it has been possible to determine that females have superior hearing acuity compared to males of the same age, at test frequencies above 2 kHz.

9. Women cry more than men

It is true that stereotypes are staying in the past; however, there are studies that show that, indeed, women cry more than men.

In one of the investigations it was found that a woman can cry between 30 and 64 times a year, while a man does it only between 6 and 17 times.

Likewise, while a woman’s cry may last an average of six and a half minutes, that of a man is between two and three minutes.

10. The woman’s sense of smell is better developed

Until some time ago it was a mystery why women have greater olfactory sensitivity.

However, a group of researchers found evidence that could explain this situation.

In a study in the journal  PLOS ONE  conducted with 7 men and 11 women (all over 55 years of age), it was found that females have, on average, 43% more cells in the olfactory bulbs of their brain structure.

As we have told you, these 10 curious facts are an outstanding example of the differences between the female body and the male that you may not have known about.

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